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10/10 Growing Winter Pansies

Thursday French Country Decor

My hearts skipping beats because I'm so excited to grow pansies this year in my garden. And I think I'll add more garden lights so I'll be able to see them even when it gets dark earlier.

A brilliant display of flowers while they are becoming established in the fall.

Pansies will survive in the cold and the snow with little more than a stiff upper lip turned towards ol’ Jack Frost. Frozen winter days are when I consider watering my pansy bed with whiskey because they’re John Wayne tough.

Pansies will survive through most single-digit weather and can have snow and ice dumped on them. However, if you want to guarantee their survival, consider giving the plants a good watering before a hard freeze to protect the roots.

When fertilizing, it’s wise to wet the soil around the plants before applying a liquid fertilizer. This allows the nutrients to be absorbed more quickly by the plants and prevents runoff.

For the best blooms, fertilize regularly. Every two weeks is a good schedule during the fall and spring growing seasons.

Personally, I say, leave ‘em be. Pansies will pop up and smile at the sun during warm winter weather. Why cover up and potentially minimize that rare flash of winter color?

The arrival of spring provides a good opportunity to give the plants a quick cleanup, but then brace yourself for that color explosion. Springtime is when these guys really shine

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