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10/12 Simplicity of French Dressing

Saturday French Style

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One of the reasons I started this blog all about French Country style is because of how french women dress so casually, yet always look so gorgeous. This alone is the reason why I started Saturday French Style.

When we stop and think about French Women, we're quickly taken to a scene where they look like voluptuous women made of gold. This couldn't be farthest from the truth. Most times you'll see them dressed like us, that is in jeans constantly.

Take this very simple outfit. JEANS with a blouse and sweater. Coordinating handbag with coordinating boots. The scarf ties the outfit together. The accessories are kept simple.

BLOUSES are rarely tucked in when worn casually.

Again, very simple. A pair of JEANS and a blouse worn very relaxed. A scarf to tie them together and coordinating handbag and brown leather boots.

Even when going to work, the outfits are kept very simple. A wardrobe of black dresses and blazers with white t-shirts. Flat shoes, coordinating handbag and a scar to tie the outfit together.

A very simple outfit, black jeans or fitted slacks with a black top. Shoes are contrasting in another neutral shade.

Again, JEANS with one of your white tee's, a neutral colored handbag with neutral colored trench coat and a scarf that ties the entire outfit together.

Imagine how different this outfit would look without the trench coat. Very dressed down, somewhat lazy and wow - the coat adds tons of style.

Another black on black outfit. Simple dress, tights and short black boots.

As you can see here with these French Women, there's nothing fancy - everything is kept very simple and yet, they look amazing.

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