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10/18 Decorating with Natural Elements

Friday French Country Decor

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Don't you just love my little buddy here?

I love taking a walk in the woods, or on the shoreline and finding things that catch my interest. It could even be an odd shaped branch or piece of driftwood. It's these walks that really capture my interest in decorating with them when the time is right and I think the FALL is the perfect time for doing this.

Gathering a bunch of spooky looking branches and putting them in a vase is perfect.

Or gathering a bunch of sea glass and putting them in a glass container of sorts is just as perfect.

I love all of the random colors that can be found in sea glass.

Gathering some pine cones and acorns is magic waiting to happen after a good sitting in hot water with a cap full of bleach - then allow to dry. The same magic can happen in finding sea shells, even if there just clam shells and cleaning them the same way. All of this is nature just waiting to be found!

With your pinecones, you could leave them natural, or paint them.

If you like the look of bleached pine cones, then here's an easy way of making them.

Wrap a piece of wire around the tops, then mix 1 part water with 1 to 2 parts paint. Experiment with a couple of pine cones first.

You could do the same thing with seashells, wrap a piece of wire through them then dip into your paint.


With your acorns, you could just leave them natural, or you can paint the nut portion of them.

There's so many things that you can do with things found in nature to add simplicity to your home.

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