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10/25 Orange, Pink and Gold Decor

Friday French Country Decor

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These are the most dramatic colors you can have in your home.

This color combination may be hard to digest having in your home, but once you've seen bits and pieces - you'll have a better understanding.

In fall, think of it has a fresh start to the colder months ahead. Who wouldn't love these colors rather than all the neutral colors that we've come to love and live in most of the year.

Like this pale orange antique dresser.

I'm sorry for the blurry photo.

Not only is this painted in this gorgeous shade of orange, but it's adorned with gold drawer knobs.

Also notice the gold decor on top.

This vintage chair is an absolute beauty.

It's in miraculous condition for it's age. Probably built in the 60's or 70's. Gorgeous orange velvet, making it neutral to work with your other furniture.

Maybe this will inspire you to hope on over to your favorite thrift store, and don't forget about Habitat for Humanity.

So simple to have in any room.

Pink roses and a stack of orange books. Toss your flowers into any type of vase. Head to a thrift store to start combing through their books, lifting back the paper cover to see what's underneath. Grab 2 or 3 to stack next to your floral decor.

Add orange roses to your bouquet and use with antique tableware with gold metallic.

The perfect orange blanket.

For your bed. Envision this with a vase filled with orange and pink roses. Absolutely lush!

Orange used in so many different things.

Very simple. Paint your desk orange and purchase a neutral chair for it. Ikea has great prices on chairs like this. Get a lamp from the thrift store and paint it orange. Get a memo board from the Dollar Tree and paint it orange. Also while your here, pick up a clip board. Also get yourself a piece of orange scrapbook paper and glue it to the clipboard.

Voila - you have a new office. How invigorating will this be in the cold months ahead.

I hope your inspired to try something a little different in your home. As you can see, French Country doesn't always have to be filled with neutral whites and creams.

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