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10/26 What the French Do In Fall

Saturday French Style

There's just so much to do in Paris itself.

Shorter days, frequent cloud cover, and cooler weather are the only two guarantees when it comes to the weather in Paris in the early autumn. Average temperatures are around 12 degrees Celsius… But don’t let that put you off!

With the winter just around the corner comes a guarantee of ever-changing weather and that in-between summer dresses and winter jackets phase. As such, should you plan on visiting Paris in the fall, I recommend packing lots of layers. That is to say, jackets, cardigans, paired with shorter sleeves. While the air is crisp outside, museum spaces and the metro can get pretty toasty!

Be sure to also bring along a pair of waterproof boots and a light rain jacket. Though Paris may be pretty when the leaves begin to change, wind speeds can pick up rapidly and light showers throughout the day are not unheard of.

Visit one of the less-known museums of the city

Visit the Musée Jacquemart André to see one of the finest Italian art collections.

Or visit the Musée Gustave Moreau to see one of the most instagrammable staircases in Paris

Vendages de Montmartre 

Every year, a wine festival and bottle auction is held in Le Clos Montmartre (i.e. the best vineyard in Paris!)  Be sure to head to the 18th arrondissement to enjoy the wine festival and get the rare opportunity to enter inside the vineyard for yourself!

Explore the city on your own

Now that the crowds are fewer, this is the perfect time to go it alone and get to know the city on a local level… All by yourself! So pack up your day bag, grab your camera and head out to one of the lesser-known corners of the French capital. After all, it’s in these moments which Paris truly reveals itself to you…

On this night, there will also be other installations for you to enjoy. Four landmarks/ areas of the city (Île Saint Louis, La Villette, La Porte Dorée, and Invalides) will all have open-air displays to enjoy and will be known as ‘constellations’ on the night.

Search for fall foliage

From the parks of Paris to the creepers growing up the buildings along the wide boulevards, there are pretty autumn leaves and fall tones to be spied around nearly every corner. So grab your camera and head out on an adventure to see the best autumn leaves in the French capital!

Stay up all night at the Nuit Blanche

Another annual tradition during Paris in October is that of the ‘Nuit Blanche’. Literally translated as the ‘white night,’ on the 6th October quite literally hundreds of Parisian attractions, museums, and cultural centres will remain open all night.


LeVieux Bassin (Port de Honfleur Normandie) is one of the most beautiful places and most photographed spots in Honfleur. And it is easy to see why. The stunning Honfleur Port is surrounded by 17th and 18th-century narrow houses. This colourful place creates a playful spectacle and an atmosphere like no other. The arms of the port welcome you and with every step you take, you seem to find an even better photo-worthy view.

The Honfleur port is surrounded by many restaurants. The aromas that come out of these places stop you in your tracks! You can choose from a variety of cuisines. Whether it is local French delicacies or other Mediterranean specialties you are after, you will find it all here.

Honfleur has plenty of magical Harry-Potter-like alleys. Even though the old town is relatively small, it will still take you a good couple of hours to explore the whole place. I advise you that you take your time though as there are heaps to see here.

Honfleur is known for its extraordinary architecture.

Through all the research I did on this fine little quaint town in France, it appears to be a magical place where dreams can happen!

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