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11/1 Adding Accents to Your Home for the Holidays

Friday French Country Decor

This is such a wonderful time of the year to think about adding accents to your home. Now I'm thinking accents that remind us about how beautiful the fall is with all of it's vibrant color.

Each one of us has our own preference on color and possibly the color that we'd like to either bring in, or enhance in our homes.

Using grey and blush is the perfect color combination for fall because the grey reminds us of coziness and the blush reminds us of the barely red leaves that look like pink.

It's really a magical combination and can be added quite simply with a few throw pillows in grey and blush, and a throw blanket.

I just love cozy pillows this time of year. Here's a set of blush throw pillows from Wayfair.

Using one of your beautiful trays on your dresser with a candle holder, a few blush florals and a vase filled with autumn foliage from the outdoors is the perfect way of enhancing these colors in our bedrooms.

There's nothing too fussy about adding these gorgeous colors to our bedrooms this fall.

A simple bundle of wheat would be the perfect centerpiece for your dining table.

This is an artificial cluster of wheat from Hobby Lobby for $5.99. Now I think this is a little expensive, especially because I'd be buying several of these to make a bundle.

You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to artificial flowers, or stems. So what I might do is checking out the Dollar Tree to see what they have. Then I'd buy this one for $5.99 and mix in other clusters of wheat from the Dollar Tree.

Simply adding a felt fall leaf swag to your headboard is all you need to bring in this season.

Monday French Country Crafts

To make one of your own, you'll need...

  • felt squares in various fall colors
  • manila folder and other scrap paper templates
  • scissors
  • tape
  • embroidery floss
  • needle and thread
  1. Make leaf templates. I had several left from previous projects. The large maple leaf was made by tracing around a large maple tree leaf that I found on a walk.
  2. Place small rolls of tape on the back side of the template and stick it onto the felt.
  3. Cut out your leaf shapes. 
  4. Lay the leaves out on your table and arrange them to your liking. Overlap the pieces slightly, then sew them together with the embroidery floss with one or two stitches in each one - leaving long tails of the yarn on the ends.

Super comfy seating is a must this time of year. How gorgeous is this antique chaise?

Now these aren't antiques, but they are super comfy.

This furniture is considered to be very inexpensive, especially for what your getting. However if you take care of them - they'll last for a very long time.

This could be another gorgeous centerpiece for your dining table.

These cotton stems have been around for quite a bit and long enough that there's lot's of DIY's for how to make them. Now I've actually made these, so I'm going to share with you how I make them.

Not only can you have a gorgeous centerpiece, but you could also make a wreath with these adorable little cotton puffs.

Monday French Country Crafts

Simple Materials You'll Need:

  • Branches - long and short one's
  • Large Cotton Balls
  • Hot Glue Gun with glue sticks
  • Pinecones that are opened

Making Cotton Stems

Making Cotton Clusters

Step 1. Start with hot gluing 4 of your pinecone petals together. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the petal like shown below. Then take another petal and place on top. Place some hot glue onto this piece, then stick another petal to this. Continue doing this for the 4 petals.

When I'm making these, I'll make a bunch of cotton clusters to start with.

Step 2. Take a cotton ball and gently pull apart to loosen the cotton. Then gently form it back into a ball by rolling it in your hands.

Step 3. Add a good amount of hot glue to the cotton ball and place on top of one of your pine cone petals.

So this is it for making each cotton cluster.

Arranging the Stems

If making cotton stems...

Step 4. Now you'll begin attaching each cotton cluster to your branches. Place one of your branches down on the table and allow it to fall wherever it wants.

If making cotton clusters for wreath...

Step 4. Place one of the small branches down on your table, allowing it to fall where it wants.

Step 5. Flip over one of your cotton clusters and place a good amount of hot glue onto it.

Step 6. Place the cotton cluster some place on your branch. Continue doing this on one branch, also attaching your cotton clusters to the smaller pieces of branch. Keep adding cotton clusters till your branch is full.

Take your finished branch and put it into a vase to hold up till your done if making a stems for a vase.

If making smaller branches to make a wreath, just put each one off to the side.

Making Wreath

Purchase a grapevine wreath.

Take one of your smaller branches, place some hot glue at the bottom of the branch and stick into your wreath. Just continue doing this at different angles till our wreath is full.

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