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12/7 Making Christmas Cloches

December 7, 2019

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Happy Monday My Friends!

I have something extra special to share with you here today and your going to love them - I promise.

We've talked about Cloches before, but I have some that are extra special for Christmas that you can make for your home this year!

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Yes...this is a snow globe, but it's also just like having a cloche! You remember what a cloche is? A chicken wire dome that sits on a plate, or some other pedestal with your favorite things inside. So we're going to place CHRISTMAS things inside our cloches.

If you love this as much as me, then the materials we'll need are:

1/64 Red Jeep Wrangler

You know me, when it comes to unique things we use with our projects - I love going on a search looking for them and sharing them with you and hopefully it makes your life a little easier when working on these projects.

Here's a Jeep from Amazon in the right size we need.

Hobby Lobby 20mm Red Jingle Bells for only $1.49

Faux Snow at Hobby Lobby for only $1.99

Small Bottle Brush Tree at Hobby Lobby for only $1.49

Ball Elite Wide Mouth Pint Mason Jars either from the thrift store, or Dollar Tree

Hobby Lobby Red & White Baker’s Twine

Now, let's get started...

Step 1. Tie baker’s twine around mason jar band.

Step 2. Thread twine through tops of jingle bells. Knot and cut away excess twine.

Step 3. Cut base off bottle brush Christmas tree.

Step 4. Wrap baker’s twine around jeep. Knot on bottom to keep in place.

Step 5. Place tree on top of jeep. Tie to Jeep with baker’s twine.

Step 6. Knot and cut off excess twine.

Step 7. Add faux snow to bottom of mason jar.

Step 8. Insert cart. Twist on lid.

Look at what I found when I was searching for supplies for this project

Small pillow for only $5.99 - perfect to place on the back of your dining chairs.

How much fun was this? I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Lantern Cloche

Making one of these beautiful Lantern Cloches is totally up to your imagination! Some of you may get nervous when I say this and others may be joyful!

Our first step is finding a metal lantern that's affordable!

This one is affordable I think at $7.99 from Hobby Lobby

This one's only a dollar more $8.99 from Hobby Lobby

This is about what we're looking to spend on a lantern for our project. The heights are 11 1/2" high x 4 1/4" square.

Now let's have fun!

I've always found that when working on a small scale like this, looking at Doll House furniture is the best.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide to get can be painted. Just use acrylic paint in whatever color you choose.

Decorate your lanterns by placing a small amount of hot glue under each piece and placing inside your lantern.

Aren't these super fun to make? My favorite part is being creative. Hobby Lobby has some miniature wreaths I was thinking would look pretty hanging in front of the glass.

Thrifted Cheese Dome Ice Skating Rink

Shared by one of my good friends at Sadie Seasongood'll need to head to the thrift store for this project, but this is easy enough to do!

How adorable is this? And because we're getting this Cheese Dome from the thrift store, this project is going to be super CHEAP to make!

First things first, buying a Cheese Dome at the thrift store.

To turn the center into a "frozen pond", I painted the entire base blue and then added some silver to turn it into "ice".

To lighten up the swirly silver, I used the same paper towel technique with a few drops of white craft paint. I loved how it looked, but I added one more detail to the base of the cheese dome.

Using my thumbnail through the paper towel, I added streaks through the nearly-dried paint. Like scars on the frozen pond from ice skating blades!

I thought about base options but ended up using air-dry clay to create bases for the bottle brush Christmas trees. Not only was it white (like snow), but I could mold it so that the trees sat flat on the base of the cheese dome.

I thought about collecting a few of those vintage lead figurines, but they are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. So I kept my options open and stumbled across a listing on Etsy for some darling little plastic ice skaters.

Aren't these adorable? I found them on Etsy for only $8.00 and you get 14 of these cake toppers.

Or how about these from Etsy for only $3.50

With ice skaters in hand, I could assemble the entire winter scene!


First, I used my hot glue gun to attach the bottle brush Christmas trees to one side of the cheese dome.

Next, I added the little ice skaters to the frozen pond. And I know, the scale isn’t perfect (they’re nearly as the bottle brush trees). But, regardless, I knew the winter scene or Christmas scene would be adorable.

Again, I love working with miniatures and was happy that I was guided to looking on Etsy for these little darling ice skaters.

Wow - I thoroughly enjoyed working on this post for you. I'm certainly excited to see what I might find to make a few of my own this year.

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