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Halloween DIY Projects

Sunday 9/23/2018

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And so - so much more, including some delights from my blogger friends

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Monday 10/22/2018

White Natural Branches with Black Crows Arrangement


  • Large branch with spooky twigs coming off of it
  • Matte White Spray Paint Home Depot
  • Glass square container Dollar Tree
  • Brown Moss Dollar Tree
  • Black Crows Dollar Tree
  • Block of Styrofoam Dollar Tree

Another simple arrangement that you can make with just a few supplies. First, head out to the Dollar Tree for a few black crows, some brown moss, a small glass square container, styrofoam block and also see if you can find a neutral hand towel. Then you'll need to head over to Home Depot for a can of matte white spray paint.

First spray paint your branch and square glass container white.

Once these are dry, hot glue in your piece of styrofoam into the bottom of the glass container. Then hot glue in your branch really really well and allow to completely dry. Once this is in place, hot glue on your black crows.

Witches Hat with Fall Foliage

Everything you need at the Dollar Tree - Black Witches Hat, (6) Small Glitter Orange Pumpkins, (3) Faux Sprigs of berries (orange and gold), bag of brown moss, (1) faux leaf garland

Open up the witches hat and stuff with newspaper really well so it stands up on it's own. Starting with your leaf garland, attach at some bottom point on the hat with a dot of hot glue and hold with one hand while wrapping around the hat with your other hand and place another dot of hot glue.

If your sprigs of berries are too tall, cut them with a pair of wire cutters, then place back into a clump and hot glue to the side of your hat. Do this with the other two sprigs, evenly spacing around your hat.

Finally, hot glue on your glitter pumpkins.

A Natural Black Tree Branch with Brass Candle Holders Arrangement

Simply buy a can of matte black and matte gold spray paint - paint your branch black and paint your candle holders gold. These candle holders are $12.99 for a set of 3 at Ikea.

Bat's Hanging on Natural Tree Branches Arrangement


  • Thin branches, 3 – 4′ tall
  • Bat cut-outs (or use a stencil/template to cut from card stock)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Cylinder vase

You may get lucky in finding glittery bats at Michaels or Jo-Ann. Alternately, you could do a search online for a bat template or bat clip art to trace and cut out of glitter black foam.

Look for "scary" branches that are at least 3' tall for a dramatic centerpiece. You could spray paint these black, or leave them as is.

Just simply hot glue on your bats to the thin "scary" branches.

Tuesday 10/16/2018

We're here today to talk about all these gorgeous French Country Halloween DIY Projects that you can easily make very inexpensively.

Here's a General Materials list for you...

  • Glass Candle Holders (Dollar Tree)
  • Brown Moss (Dollar Tree)
  • Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Gold Spray Paint (Home Depot)
  • Absolutely a Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Tiny Black Bats and Spiders - their actually rings (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Crows (Dollar Tree)

Your going to need other materials as well depending on the project, but this is a good head start.

How to make a French Country Ledge

This decorative ledge is something I created back in August of this year. This is actually a ledge that I made, but if you love this look, you can do the same for not a lot of money.

It's no secret that I love Ikea and Wayfair because of their pricing.

This ledge is from Ikea and although not very decorative, is only $7.99.

This set of 3 ledge is a great price at only $34.00 from Wayfair.

This ledge is also from Wayfair for $34.00

We now have our ledge to decorate. This is the fun part. Start by going to the Dollar Store for some gorgeous purple roses, a few pumpkins and some glass vases and candle holders. Then head over to the Home Depot for a can of black and matte gold spray paint. Using a pair of wire cutters, cut the flowers apart. Arrange them in your hand then place on your new ledge. They'll probably need to be trimmed to fit properly on your ledge, I know I did.

Using a pair of wire cutters, cut the flowers apart. Arrange them in your hand then place on your new ledge. They'll probably need to be trimmed to fit properly on your ledge, I know I did.

Also use this time to paint some of your new pumpkins in black and one in gold, then your new glass candle holders and vases in gold.

After your new finds are dry, lightly go over your candle holders and vases with a piece of steel wool.

Finally and the most fun part, add your pumpkins and new candle holders and vases to your ledge.

These two project were taken from other bloggers, but I've written the actual how-to's.


MATERIALS - Dollar Tree - Home Depot - Michael's Craft Store

  • Glass Candle Holders (Dollar Tree)
  • Four large pieces of Halloween ScrapBook Paper (Michael's)
  • Glue Stick (Michael's)
  • Round Tin Cake Pan (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Spray Paint (Home Depot)
  • Hot Glue and Glue Sticks 

Begin spray painting your glass candle holders in black and allow to dry.

While these are drying, trace the bottom of your tin cake pan on the back of one of your pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out.

Also draw a border on the back of one of your scrapbook papers, then cut out. Draw something that you'll be able to cut out.

When your candle holders are dry, run a bead of hot glue around the tops and place your cake pans on top of them. What do you think so far? Pretty awesome right?

Take your glue stick and rub a bunch of glue on top of one of your cake pans and place the round piece of scrapbook paper you cut out. Do the same thing with the other one. Now rub some glue around your cake pans, one at a time, working in small sections and place the border you cut out. Do the same thing with the other one.

Voi La - your done.


MATERIALS - Dollar Store - Michael's Craft Store - Home Depot

  • Glass Candle Holders (Dollar Tree)
  • Matte Black Spray Paint (Home Depot)
  • Glass Containers with Lids (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood Finials (tops of glass containers) Michael's
  • Halloween Ribbon (black with white polka dots?) Michael's
  • Word Stencils if you plan on doing other projects
  • Matte White Spray Paint if your using stencils
  • White Paint Pen if this is your only project
  • Halloween Candy

Begin with spray painting your glass candle holders and the lids of your glass containers black. Also paint the wood finials black and allow these to dry completely.

While these are drying (I love to work on something else while I wait for things to dry - I'm just so antsy) either cut your stencils into individual letters, take the words you need - like BOO and place on the glass and tape into place. Cover the rest of the glass with newspaper. Then once your glass is completely covered except for the stencil, spray paint white over the stencil.

If you've decided to not purchase stencils and use a white paint pen instead, simply write your letters onto the glass containers. If this is new to you, start with drawing your letters on in a bubble form like below, then simply color in with your pen.

After these pieces are dry, run a bead of hot glue around the top of your candle holder and place one of your glass containers on top. Do the same thing with the others. Place the lids back on the containers and hot glue the finials on top.

Finally, take a piece of your ribbon and tie around the finials and make a bow.

I just love new "stuff" to make. You need to put on your DIY hat to get going here.

All of these DIY projects are taken from other people, but written in my own words.


MATERIALS - Wayfair - Home Depot - Michael's - Dollar Tree

  • Birdcage – Wayfair
  • Brown Moss - Dollar Tree
  • Bats – Michaels had a bag of them.
  • Fishing Line - Dollar Tree
  • White Spray paint - Home Depot
  • Black Crow - Dollar Tree

Begin with spray painting your bird cage white and allowing to dry.

This is the one from Wayfair for only $25.00

Apply some hot glue to the bottom of your bird cage and apply your moss.

Remove the black elastic hanger from the bats. Then slip the fishing line through the same hole that the elastic was in and tie a knot on the bottom. Then hang them around the cage tying the line to the top of the birdcage. We made sure to spread them out and hang them at various lengths.

Here's a little something I'm adding to this only because this bird cage has a bird at the top. If your's does as well, pull some of the feathers off of your black crow and hot glue onto the bird on your bird cage. The bird should be covered in feathers right? So attach the longer ones down the sides and of the bird with shorter one's that you'll need to cut for the head and bottom of the bird.

Voi La - your done with this masterpiece. What do you think? Is it not perfect?


Very - very Simple

MATERIALS at Michael's Craft Store - The Dollar Tree - Home Depot

  • Matte Black and Matte Gold spray paint (Home Depot) or
  • Black and Gold Acrylic paint (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Oval and Round wood discs (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Large plastic bugs (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue and Glue Sticks
  • Saw-tooth Picture Hangers

Begin with either spray painting the wood discs in matte black and the bugs in gold, or paint them with the acrylic paint.

After these are dry, simply attach the picture hangers to the backs of the black wood discs and hot glue the bugs on. Voila - Your done. Happy hanging of your new wall art.


MATERIALS from Michael's Craft Store - Home Depot - Dollar Tree

  • Grapevine wreath (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Glitter white or silver floral stems (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Black Bow (Michael's Craft Store)
  • Black crows (Dollar Tree)
  • Matte Black spray paint (Home Depot) and Matte White if you didn't find White or Silver floral stems at Michael's.

Start with spray painting the grapevine wreath black.

Trim two of the floral stems to hang on both sides of your wreath.

Hot glue your black crow to the bottom of the wreath.

And finally, attach your bow to the top of the wreath. How easy was this - incredible and how gorgeous is your wreath?


Another fabulous and incredibly easy project for you.

MATERIALS from Michael's Craft Store - Home Depot - Dollar Tree

  • Oval grapevine wreath (Michael's)
  • Matte black spray paint (Home Depot)
  • Black crow (Dollar Tree)
  • Brown moss (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Begin with spray painting your wreath in matte black.

Now you can decorate it first hot gluing in some of the moss at the bottom and really fluff it up like a birds nest. You do this by placing some hot glue at the bottom of the wreath and carefully laying on some moss. Then apply some hot glue over this, then apply more moss. Keep doing this till you have a fluffy nest. Then you can hot glue the crow on top of the moss. This is it - your done - great job. Now go enjoy hanging your new wreath.


MATERIALS from Michael's Craft Store - Home Depot - Dollar Tree

  • Matte Black Spray Paint (Home Depot)
  • Rub N Buff - Pewter (Michael's)
  • Throw away Rag
  • Black Acrylic Paint (Michael's)
  • Craft Paint Brush (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Boa (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Tulle (Michael's)
  • Orange Flowers (Dollar Tree or Michael's)
  • Plastic Spiders (Michael's) Dollar Tree only has tiny one's
  • Black Felt Doll Hat's (Michael's)

Begin with spray painting the skulls and candle sticks black and allow to dry.

Now take your Rub N Buff, squeeze some onto your rag and apply it to your skulls in a circular motion - working in small areas at a time. Do the same thing with your candle sticks.

Pour some of your black acrylic paint onto your lid.

Using a different area on your rag, dip a little bit into the paint and begin applying over the Rub N Buff first on your candle holders, then on your skulls - working in small areas and into the crevices especially. Continue until your skulls are covered. You want very little paint, just giving the pewter finish a black tint on top. This is one way of creating a faux finish.

Carefully paint the eyes of the skulls in black with your paint brush.

Very hot glue your skulls on top of your candle holders. Yeah...

Cut pieces of the black tulle and black boa to go around the necks of your skulls, then hot glue them around the necks.

This is take your doll hats and hot glue them to the tops of your skulls.

Let's decorate these a bit. Hot glue a piece of your boa around one of the hats and hot glue one of your orange flowers to one side. Cut a longer piece of your black tulle and wrap around your hat and tie into a bow, placing a dab of hot glue to hold it in place. On your other hat, place one of your orange flowers first, gluing in place on one of the sides. Then glue a spider over your flower slightly. This is it - another piece of beautiful French Country Halloween decor completed.


We're going to do ours a little differently inside the cloche's

MATERIALS - Dollar Tree

  • Round glass vases (Dollar Tree)
  • Glass candle holders (Dollar Tree)
  • Black spray paint (Home Depot)
  • Spiders and Bats - tiny (Dollar Tree)
  • Thin Wire (Dollar Tree)
  • Brown moss (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue and glue sticks

Start with spray painting the glass candle holders in black and allow to dry.

While these are drying, take your wire and cut off a fairly long piece. If your spiders and bats are rings, cut off the ring portion. Glue these to the wire every two fingers for spacing. Once you have your bats and spiders glued to the wire, take it and wrap it around your hand.

Place a little hot glue on the bottom of your glass vases and apply some moss.

Drop a bit of hot glue on top of the moss and take your spiders and bats and stick inside your vases on top of the glue, sort of pulling apart to stretch out the wire.

Once your candle holders are dry, apply a bead of hot glue to the top of your candle holder - then place the glass apothecary on top.

Our's has tiny spiders and bats inside and the apothecary is open on top. Spectacular. I'm sure your's are gorgeous and you can't wait to start placing them around your home.

Look at all of these wonderful French Country DIY projects that you can make and would you believe, there all from one blogger - 100 DIY Halloween projects. I think I'm going to let her handle these and you might find some other DIY's that you like as well.

Aged Glass Bottles for Halloween

Another wonderful DIY project that you can make super inexpensively.

You've done a lot of work here, sit back and relax to enjoy these French Country Halloween photos.

As I scroll through these gorgeous French Country spaces decorated for Halloween, I keep saying to myself - oh...I can do that. Does this ever happen to you?

This shouldn't be a surprise to any of you - me adding one of my French Bull Dog furry friends here in he or she's halloween costume.

Look at these gorgeous pumps at their Halloween Adoption party.

All of these gorgeous photos has me wanting to create some unique decor.

Scroll down to enjoy all of these scrumptious DIY's and a few other things that you might enjoy.

Thursday 10/11/2018

I simply had to have this adorable witches hat I found on a shopping spree at the Dollar Tree. Determine to make a project using this, I shopped around for other things to make it happen. I found this beautiful glass vase that reminds me of the antique vases that you can always find at Goodwill. Then I grabbed a bag of black sand and the tiny bats and spiders.

I put this together in no time. First I poured the black sand into the vase. Then I made the bats and spiders that appear to be floating in air by simply first cutting the rings off the backs of them and then attaching them to a piece of craft wire, wrapping around my fingers to fit into the vase.

I had to remove the head band from the witches hat to work with the vase, so I simply just moved each side back and forth and it just broke because it was made of plastic. Now I simply hot glued it to the top of the vase. Vo-la...instand French Country Halloween decor.

I love this vintage metal side table that I simply decorated for fall with a store bought burlap pumpkin that I then placed a little feathered crow from the Dollar Tree on. Using these little birds is so easy with other decor because they have wire under their feet that you can simply bend to work with your decor.

Seriously - I love this. I first found this cloche and the wood base at Goodwill. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a fall cloche or a halloween one - then I found these adorable skeleton's at the Dollar Tree and these made up my mind.

This is a small cloche to start with. I started with taking a small styrofoam ball and wrapping it with a piece of black cloth for halloween. Then I stuck a few small branches into it to help make it a scary forest look. Off to making a small batch of paper mache to make the tiny purple pumpkins in front of the branches. Then I made the bats and spiders by simply cutting off the rings on the back and then gluing them to a piece of craft wire, wound it around my fingers and placed it inside the cloche. Then I hot glued my skeletons around the sides. They had to have party hats, so I made a few out of scrapbook paper and finished them with a piece of gold tassel ribbon that I had to significantly trim to be in proportion to the skeletons. I also used some of this ribbon for scarves.

Sunday 9/23/2018

How to make Pumpkins for your Front Entry

Isn't this gorgeous and so simple which is why I love it

To make these gorgeous pumpkins, unfortunately the one's at the Dollar Store are a bit too small. So you'll have to pick up a few at Michael's Craft Store, but you can use your coupon. While your there, pick up some letter stencils to fit your new pumpkins.

Materials at Michael's Craft Store -

  • 2 Larger Pumpkins
  • A couple White acrylic paints and 1 black acrylic paint
  • Letter Stencils
  • Purple Roses (or you can buy these at the Dollar Tree)
  • Black Florals
  • Block of styrofoam (or you can buy this at the Dollar Tree)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Old Sponge
  • Disposable Lid to use for your paint
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Wire Cutters

Now that your back home with your new goodies, start with painting your pumpkins white and allow to dry.

I envision these little splashes of Halloween here and there all around your house.

How simply festive would these pillows be on an arm chair or your dining chairs?

Reminiscent of shadows in twilight - these dishes are so simple to make. All you need are enough bread dishes for each place setting. Find some decorative halloween pictures on your computer, size them to the size of your bread plate and print. Trace them onto black self-adhesive shelf liner. Carefully cut out the silhouettes. Adhere the cutouts to your white bread plates. These are purely decorative.

I love things that are yet so simple, but so gorgeous at the same time.

Delight your guests with these unique handmade candle holders.

These little beauties are so simple to make. Just a few basic things and your off and running in making a few.

  • Glass votive holders
  • Paper doilies
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Glue Stick
  • Disposable lid
  • Tea Lights

Believe me, I would love to make these from antique crocheted doilies but I don't think it's necessary to waste them on things that will only be out for a short time.

These are the votive holders I bought at Goodwill for $1.00 each. As you can see, there larger than a typical votive candle holder. You'll need (3) doilies to cover each one of these.

1. First pour some of your paint into the disposable lid.

2. Then simply begin painting your paper doilies.

3. After you paint one, place it on wax paper and allow them to dry.

4. Once dry, take your glue stick and rub glue all over the back of one of your paper doilies and gently press it so the scalloped edge is at the top of your votive holder. Continue doing this with another paper doily until your votive holder is covered.

5. Fold the bottom of the doilies under your votive holder.

Simply buy some black beads and a few black crows (Dollar Store) and dress your existing chandelier for Halloween - gorgeous.

I'm leaving this one to the expert in making them. Aren't they gorgeous?? Your going to have to translate it because it's in french.


  • Spool of Black Tulle
  • Metal Wreath
  • Orange Ribbon

1. Simply cut the black tulle into long strips and tying it onto the metal wreath. Do this all the way around the wreath.

2. Once your done, tie a piece of orange ribbon at the top to hang from.

Gorgeous Black Feather Wreath

What to do with these cute Halloween finds at the Dollar Store

Skeleton Dollar Store find - Simply buy a piece of black and white polka dot scrap book paper (Michael's), some silver garland and tiny trick or treat signs (Michael's).

Spiders and Netting Dollar Store finds - Just simply paint the spiders gold and hang.

Black Crow's Dollar Store Find - Buy lot's of these to decorate for Halloween

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