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2019 Home Decor Trends


2019 Home Decor Trends

There's a lot going on this year that's going to really transform your home. Much loved vintage styles are back. Metal finishes have changed to bring your home warmth. Some furniture styles are being brought back with a significant flare in there new styles.

Forget about the stainless steel, or chrome for your kitchen and bath. Instead, we love brass for our faucets which will bring a splash of warmth into your spaces.

Canopy beds are the latest hit. Only this year, there being offered everywhere in so many styles for you. So get one that's very decorative and resembles the gorgeous antique one's in the past, or a simple one.

My absolute favorite countertops - Concrete. These have been around for the past 15 years, but now are really making there mark on today's home decor.

Look how gorgeous concrete countertops are with these vintage style cabinets.

I love the color of these cabinets with the concrete countertops.

Coppers replacing the stainless steel cooktop hoods now and bringing in so much warmth into your kitchen. Available in all sorts of styles, making them absolutely gorgeous.

Bold colors are being introduced surrounded by either very neutral colors, or muted pastel shades. Not only is this a gorgeous look, but the neutral and muted shades relax the bold colors.

Bring in bold colors into every room of your home this year for an unexpected touch to your French Country home. Coral is the color this year and it's a color that goes so well with many other colors.

All sorts of natural fibers are being used this year including simple wicker baskets tossed throughout your home and ceiling lights with either hemp or jute. Lot's of accessories are also being made with natural fibers including lamp shades and candle holders.

Dreamy Hazelnut paint color to add warmth to your space while maintaining a neutral palette.

Mist colored walls add just the right amount of color to your space without overwhelming it. Use any color in a mist that suites who you are.

Muted pastels are always a welcome feel to any French Country room of your home. They instantly provide a very relaxed feel to the space and pastels can be in any color.

This gorgeous greyish-pink will always be an incredible color to use in you French Country home.

The color pewter is a welcome addition this year used on walls and although dark, I like it with all neutral furnishings, stark white trim and white draperies.

Another gorgeous color this year. Soft clay such a welcome addition to any room. Look how they've balanced it here with the beautiful wood cabinetry.

Although apron sinks have been prevalent for many years now, they've really become a focus in kitchen decorating this year. Not only are they gorgeous, but they bring a sense of vintage into your kitchen.

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