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3/19 What To Do With Thrift Store Frames

December 19, 2019

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What To Do With Thrift Store Frames

What is it exactly that makes us love frames so much? New frames for our family photos? New frames to add a bit of wall decor? New frames to repurpose into memoboards, jewelry hangars or signs?

No matter what, when we're talking about thrifted or Dollar Tree frames, there's some thinking about paint that we need to do.

  • 2 colors of acrylic paint 
  • Vaseline
  • A clean, dry rag
  • Paper towels
  • 2-3 large artist brushes

Step 1. Paint frames with a coat of your base color (the shade that will show underneath the distress finish).

Step 2. After the paint is dry, rub Vaseline onto various spots on the frame.

Step 3. Paint on a layer of your top coat color. Don’t worry about painting into every cranny and crevice of your detail as that adds to the distressing. You can apply the paint immediately after rubbing on the Vaseline.

Step 4. Once the top coat of paint is dry, use a clean, dry rag to wipe away the Vaseline.

Then, dry brush your frame.

To dry brush, dip an artist brush into the paint, and swipe off the paint onto a paper towel until the bristles are dry. Brush it on your frame, focusing on the detail work of the frame if you have any.

This finish can be done on plastic or wood

Step 1: Cut some cork board and cardboard the size of the glass, secure together with spray adhesive.

Step 2: Fold fabric over cork board/cardboard, also securing on the front and back with spray adhesive.

Step 3. Place into frame, add original back that came with the frame. Hang from ribbon or from hardware.

Create 3-D wall art

Step 1: Grab about 12" of jute, wrap around bottle neck and knot into place making sure it's good and secure.

Step 2: Place bottle in upside down frame. Eye where you want the bottle to hang, then tied a knot where the jute meets the frame. Using a staple gun, place a staple right below the knot. Cut off the excess jute on the top.

A super simple way of adding a bit of decor to your home

First paint your frame however you'd like.

Get a piece of foam core and cut to the size of the glass in your frame. Also get some decorative paper (wrapping paper works really well if doing a large frame) and also cut to the size of your glass.

Using spray adhesive, attach your paper to the foam core. Then place inside the frame.

Now you can add your handles to create a unique tray.

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