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3/20 The Best

Dollar Tree Christmas


December 20, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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The Best Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

Wow...we've made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner, we deserve a break - right?

I've searched and search for the best Christmas Decor from the Dollar Tree and have found some pretty spectacular things we can make.

Black and Red Plaid Christmas Wreath


  • Red and Black Plaid Scarf
  • Black Faux Fur Scarf
  • Christmas Wording
  • Artificial Pine 

First, I cut along the seam of the scarf since the scarf I bought was actually an infinity scarf. Then I ran a line of hot glue along the edge of the scarf width-wise and placed it down on the wreath.

From there, I simply started wrapping the scarf around the wreath form, pulling it tight as I worked my way around.

There is quite a bit of overlap, but that’s okay! I wasn’t going for a perfect fit and didn’t mind that the print didn’t match up.

Once I reached my starting point on the form, I pulled the scarf tight and ran another small line of hot glue under the edge of the scarf and pressed it down to seal it off.

Next, I grabbed the black faux fur scarf and tied a simple knot around the wreath, stuck a small clipping on the left side of the knot and then secured a small “believe” ornament to the right side of the knot with a small amount of glue.

Now hot glue on your Christmas wording and faux pine around the black faux fur scarf.

Instead of sticking this on the front door, play around with various ways to jazz up your current wall decor. Place inside a wall mirror for a different look this Christmas.

Faux Miniature Christmas Tree

Materials we'll need to make this from the Dollar Tree:

18" tabletop Christmas tree

Faux berries, small pine cones and any other floral embellishments

Christmas bow

Floral foam

Other materials we'll need:

Artificial snow spray

Hot glue gun

7" planter

1. ) Take tree out of box and separate each branch. Instead of setting up the stand I used a piece of floral form to support it.

2.) Spray faux snow all over each tree branch, and let dry. (I found my can at Walmart for $1.50).

3.) Cut faux berries into smaller bundles and hot glue them to tree branches. Glue any additional embellishments. Try to make them evenly spaced throughout the tree.

4.) Place tree in a flower pot, basket, decorative box, bowl, or any other desired container. (I had these pots leftover from plants on my patio this summer. Look around the house for something to use!)

I’m passionate about decorating for Christmas without spending a ton of money, and these trees can be transformed into boutique looking decor with just a few easy supplies! I love how mine have kind of a farmhouse look to fit in with my house. You can customize them with any colors you’d like!

Wood Crate Centerpiece

Step 1. Start with a wood crate of sorts. If you have one that you could use - WONDERFUL! If you need to buy one, that's WONDERFUL too! I've found a few that you might like from Hobby Lobby.

Antique White Wood Crate with Jute Handles
Red Wood Crate

These are perfect for an arrangement on a side table measuring 9" wide

This one's perfect for your dining table at 15" wide

Step 2. Collect all sorts of Christmasy chakys.

  • 2 White glass pillar candles
  • White and red berries
  • Wooden vintage truck and sleds
  • Metallic deers
  • Bottle trees
  • Pine cones
  • Large Christmas florals

Step 3. Create your new Christmas Wood Crate centerpiece. Start with placing your two candles in the center with the metallic deers on each side. Then cut your berry and floral picks with a wire cutter and place around the candles. Now finish it with wooden sleds and vintage truck on the top with a few large Christmas florals.

Framed Reindeer

I find these to be the perfect Christmas decor for side tables, a few across your kitchen backsplash - night stands too.


  • Frames
  • Metallic Reindeer
  • Some sort of decorative Christmas cardboard, or paper
  • White glue

Step 1. Remove glass from frames.

Step 2. Using the back of the frame, draw it on either your Christmas cardboard, or paper, allowing for approximately an extra inch on all four sides.

Step 3. Place the back of your frames in the center of your cardboard or paper, then fold up each side and crease so it will stay put. Put back into the frames.

Step 4. Paint the back of your reindeers with white glue and place in the center of each frame.

North Pole Street Light


  • Solar path light
  • Foam circle
  • Fake snow
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Chain necklace
  • Paper shapes
  • Paint
  • White glue

Step 1. Start by covering a round foam base with fake snow. I used loose snow, but you could also use the sheets of felt-like “snow” for Christmas villages or use a cheap tree skirt. (If you’re using fabric “snow,” make sure you cut a hole in it where the path light will be inserted into the foam!)

Step 2. While you’re waiting for the glue on your snow to dry, take two sign-shaped pieces of paper and write “North Pole” on each one. I used pre-cut, embossed scrapbooking shapes that I found at one of my favorite dollar stores, but you can easily make your own from plain scrapbook paper.

Step 3. For hanging the sign, you will need two short sections of necklace chain. Mine are about 2 1/2 inches long and came from my collection of broken costume jewelry. Make sure both pieces of chain are the same length so your sign will hang straight.

Step 4. Open the end link on each piece of chain and secure it to a link farther up the chain, forming a loop. Make sure the loops on both chains are the same size, and that they are large enough to slide around a popsicle stick.

Step 5. Lay one of the North Pole signs face down and place the unlooped ends of the chain pieces on the top side of the sign.

Step 6. Put a layer of glue on the back of the sign and layer the second sign on top, so that the lettering on both sides of the sign is facing out with the ends of the chains sandwiched in between.

Step 7. Cut a pair of popsicle sticks to make a sign bracket. Make the bracket just longer in each direction than the finished sign will hang. Glue the cut ends of the popsicle sticks together at a right angle.

Step 8. Apply a coat of paint to the sign bracket, then glue it into place on the shaft of the solar path light at the top.

Step 9. Carefully press the bottom end of the path light into the snow-covered foam base. If desired, you can add a little bit of glue to make sure it stays firmly in place.

Step 10. Slide the looped ends of the chain pieces over the popsicle stick bracket to hang the sign. To make sure it stays in place, you can add a dab of glue to the top of the bracket where each chain rests.

Vintage Inspired Glass Ornaments


  • Round storage glass jars from Dollar Tree
  • Silver metallic spray paint
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Metallic pewter craft paint
  • Brown craft paint
  • Metallic gold craft paint
  • DAP all purpose glue
  • Unfinished wood spool
  • Thicker craft wire - like a wire coat hangar
  • Needle nose pliers

Rather than using Mirror Effect spray paint at $11.00 a can, we'll use Metallic silver spray paint for only $5.00 a can

Basically, I mixed equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle then sprayed my glass jar with a generous amount of the mixture.

While the water and vinegar mixture was still wet, I sprayed a few light coats of Silver spray paint until I was happy with the coverage. You can keep repeating the process until you get the desired coverage you are looking for.

While my glass jar was drying, I painted the lid with gold craft paint.

Basically, I added layers of craft paint in the colors - metallic pewter, metallic gold, and brown. I did the same paint technique on the small wood spool as well.

To rust your wire, place in a disposable container and cover with Peroxide and plenty of salt - cover and wait for the magic to happen.

To make the top of the ornament I unwrapped about 5-6 inches of craft wire then wrapped it around the small spool using needle nose pliers. I took another piece of wire and formed it into a hook then glued it to the top of the wood spool.

Cottage style Miniature Christmas Trees


  • Metal buckets
  • Miniature Christmas trees
  • Wired garland ties
  • Reindeer moss
  • Floral foam
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • White craft paint
  • Nautical rope
  • Craft wire

Step 1. Let's begin with painting our metal buckets white and allowing to dry.

Step 2. After your paint has dried, apply some hot glue around your bucket and then wrap your nautical rope around it 3 times.

Step 3. Take your Christmas trees out of their boxes, place on a table and attach your wired garland ties to make them fuller.

Step 4. Take your Christmas trees and push into separate pieces of foam.

Step 5. Hot glue your foam into the bottom of each bucket.

Step 6. Cover the tops of the foam with moss.

Then it was time to make something for the top, so I made this little bow.

The final step was to add some floral wire to the back of the ribbon so I can tie it to the top of the tree.

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