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9/23 How to Make a Chicken Wire Cloche

Monday French Country Crafts

Cloche comes from the French word meaning bell. Cloches are also popular in French pottage gardens to help keep frost off of young tender plants.

Standard dome shape cloche

I'd love to make some with you, so let's get started...

We'll only need a few supplies to get started...

  • Something large enough to wrap your wire around to make your cloche
  • Smaller bowl
  • Chicken Wire
  • Craft Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers 

First know that your wire cloche doesn't need to be in any particular shape.

Step 1. Line up the end of the chicken wire with the bottom of the cloche and wrap it around what your using for the glass.

Step 2. Where the chicken wire ends met, wrap the wires together.

Step 3. Simply form the chicken wire around the glass and around the top handle by pressing it to the glass.

Step 4. Wrap thick wire around the handle to secure it.


Step 5. Use pliers to turn under all the sharp edges.

At this point you can decide if you'd like to put a finial on the top,

Tapered dome clouche

or a beautiful bow.

Standard dome shape clouche.

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