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A Favorite Thrift Store Find

July 16, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Junkin Market,Styles and Decor,Vintage Inspired,Create Craft

Go get yourself a stock pile of VERY INEXPENSIVE frames from your local thrift store and clean them up a bit.

Remove the glass out of the frames. Doing this outdoors, place the glass on sheets of newspaper, then spray with MIRROR EFFECT SPRAY PAINT on one side of the glass, leaving some light spots and allow to dry.

Then spray the other side of the glass with MATT BLACK SPRAY PAINT. This gave the antique mirror effect some depth. I then added a bit of black to the top of the glass with a stippling paint brush, just to give it a bit more texture.

The chosen colors for this project are copper, gold, dark brown, light green, dark metallic craft paint.

Use a stippling paint brush to create the mottled vintage effect.

Alternate between the colors, creating depth and texture on the picture frames.

Now install the glass. If you have smaller frames and would like to hang them one over the other, consider using a piece of drop cloth. I love using drop cloth and loved the combination of the antique mirror look with the raw fabric.

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