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A No Sew French Country Bed Skirt

August 11, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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I love being able to share this with you. This is an example of stumbling upon something that your not really looking for.

When I saw this being done, I was amazed at how easy it was to do. And not only that, the finished result is gorgeous. This would cost at least $60.00 for a queen size bed if you were to purchase it at Wayfair.

Now they've built the bed frame, so they were able to make and tack the fabric to the bed frame. Clearly you can't do this with an ordinary bed frame, so I've come up with a little trick that we can still have being a new-sew bed skirt.

How gorgeous are these ruffles?


  • Two 4x15 canvas drop cloths - the regular kind, not heavy duty! 
  • One 6x9 drop cloth for the surface of the skirt (optional) 
  • Fabric scissors 

Cut each 4'x15' drop cloth in half to get two 2'x15' strips. The four 2'x15' strips will give you 60 feet of gathered length to work with, and 2 feet of height to work with.

We'll start with placing our 6x9 drop cloth onto our bed frame, or box spring like seen here.

Rather than tacking it with nails, we're going to use our hot glue gun.

Start with making pleats like shown here, doing one at a time. Once you've made your first pleat, you'll place a dab of hot glue underneath the fold and allow to dry for a minute, then place a dab of hot glue underneath this first pleat to attach to the piece laying on top of your bed frame, or box spring.

Voila - hot glue instead of sewing, or tacking.

Just take your time, working around the three sides of the bed.

Before you realize it, you'll have a gorgeous French Country bed skirt to enjoy for many - many years to come.

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