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A Pastel French Country


Tuesday 10/23/208

My favorite Christmas is one that is simple with subtle pops of color here and there throughout my home. Because Christmas trees are the focal point at this time of year, it's the perfect place to add pops of color.

Still needing to think about Christmas Cards this year. Why not get your children involved in making them? You can buy card and envelope sets at Michael's Craft Store. Then you can simply scribble a tree like this that's so simple and then let your children decorate it.

I'm absolutely crazy over this Christmas tree with the huge pops of pink presented in artificial peonies. There's lot's of white that really make the pink pop, then they've used black as their neutral color here which is stunning.

I love this space. The Christmas tree is gorgeous with the subtle pops of pink again done with artificial flowers. All of the silver and white really soften it with he faux fur pillows and blankets.

Mercury glass is an all time favorite year round, but especially during the holidays because of the shimmer we love.

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