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A Pink Thanksgiving

November 2, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

Hello Friends! Are you with me in thinking where the month of October went?

I'm trying really hard to wrap my head around the thought of Thanksgiving being this month. Thankfully, I still have the gorgeous colors that I absolutely love and adore, and by no means should these colors be eliminated just because it's Thanksgiving where most people think about orange and browns.

One of my absolute favorite colors is a barely pink color.

My house is filled with lots of this color in my fall decorating. I just spruced up some small pumpkins I got at the Dollar Tree with pink and white florals, but this is a whole different story.

You can think of pink as being a color that's inviting when it needs to be, and quiet and soothing when it's just being it.

How do you feel about this dining table? I love it because it's very simple with an explosion of color in the center and plenty of room for your guests.

I'm super happy to tell you that creating a table like this is rather simple and doesn't require much. Here's what I'm talking about...

What you'll need to recreate this table:

  • Basic white tablecloth
  • Roll of white paper
  • Metallic pens
  • Cream table runner
  • Pumpkins
  • Berry stems
  • White dinnerware
  • Blue ribbon - 3 yards

We started with a basic white tablecloth - nothing fancy here. These tablecloths are budget-friendly and can be used again and again with any decor! Over the tablecloth, we layered kraft paper that can become a great place for people to doodle what they're thankful for. Get a few metallic pens and go for it! The paper can then be rolled up and tucked away until next year, or even 10 to 20 years from now, when you can unroll and reflect.

We then layered over the kraft paper a basic, creamy-colored linen table runner, the weave of which softens the kraft paper. And then we brought in some fall beauties including creamy orange pumpkins, some small orange pumpkins, and some nandina berries and branches I cut from a bush outside. The small orange pumpkins were whitewashed to tone down the harsh orange and blend in with the larger pumpkins.

Again, we used our basic white dinnerware, mixing as needed. A pretty, decorative salad plate pulls in the oranges and blues. And lastly, a blue ribbon gives the whole table a little unexpected pop. Seriously – we only used three yards of ribbon here! But that three yards goes a long way when simply wrapped around the utensils bundled in napkins and laid as a small runner over the creamy linen.

And that’s it! This table can be set up quickly – no floral arranging skills here – and can be done well ahead of time. And all the dishes and linens will blend in perfectly for your next get together, whatever the occasion!

So we now know how we're going to set our dining table for Thanksgiving, but what about the rest of your home?

Your bedroom is a magical room to use these colors. This photo pretty much said it all for me. A neutral upholstered bed with neutral color pillow shams and beautiful pops of colors in the pillows and duvet cover.

Create a bed like this for yourself this fall with a beautiful floral duvet cover and pink and brown throw pillows.

Now in your living room, it depends on what kind of sofa you have.

If it's a dark brown color, then simply add a variety of pink accent pillows to your sofa and a simple pink floral arrangement on your coffee table or accent tables.

If you have a very neutral light colored sofa, then use brown and pink accent pillows. Also make small pink floral arrangements to spread the pink throughout the entire room.

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