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A Simple Thanksgiving

Thursday 10/25/2018

What is Thanksgiving? It's a holiday that we've become accustomed to since we were children. When we know that gradma and grandpa will be coming over for the day to spend with the family.

Thanksgiving simply said is a holiday we should all be thankful for the blessings in our lives and especially the expression of gratitude, especially to God.  "he offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival"

Today I'm thinking of the simplicities of Thanksgiving and how simple it could be. We see so many Thanksgiving decorations in the store that are glitzy and glamorous and their beautiful, but what if your not that type of person?

Some things that you could do in preparing for a simple and quaint Thanksgiving. Head out to the Dollar Tree and pickup a few artificial miniature pumpkins for each place setting. A couple spools of ribbon in your choice of color. An artificial leaf garland. Sprigs of florals with wheat on them. A package of file folders to use as place setting tags. Also pickup some craft wire.

A piece of ribbon with a sprig of wheat.

Take a spool of ribbon and undo the beginning. Simply wrap around the napkin, then pull up some more on the ribbon to have enough for making a full bow. Cut the artificial wheat off your florals and place one inside the ribbon.

A tiny pumpkin - even an artificial one

Simply place an artificial miniature pumpkin or real miniature pumpkin at each place setting.

A piece of ribbon with a leaf - whether a real one that you've pressed in books, or an artificial one.

Take a spool of ribbon and undo the beginning. Wrap around your napkin and up a little bit more to make a nice neat knot with wings. Snip off some of the leaves from the garland and place one inside the ribbon.

A tiny Rosemary wreath with guest tag

I love the Rosemary wreath, but not all of us have Rosemary growing at home where we can take a few snips. However we could make some of these using sprigs of pine. Simply take a walk and find a bunch of twigs and some small cuttings of pine. Take a small handful of twigs and bend them into a circle. Take a piece of wire and wire it together. Place a few sprigs of pine onto these miniature wreaths

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