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A Splendid Month of October

October 31, 2019 By Taina Laraba

Hello Friends! I can't believe that October's over. It's been a month with so much to do!

It's been one of my favorite months that I've written about and I hope that it's brought you a lot of pleasure in making so many things.

October is truly such a special month!

  • The temperatures changing, creating lot's of cuddling
  • The colors outdoors are beautiful
  • It's a time during the year where we love to change our decor
  • There's lots of sparkle with Halloween
  • There's lots of different hot beverages to choose from
  • Flea Markets are winding down, so there's great things to be had

I'm really looking forward to writing all of my posts for November and hope you're excited as well for all the new things I have to share.

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