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A Thrifty Week

January 3, 2020 By Taina Laraba

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Now we're in January and I thought that sharing some "white" thrift store finds would be perfect for your home.

I think you'll be quite surprised to see how easily you can turn a simple thrift store find into something beautiful for your home.

I'm sure you've seen candle holders like these and turned your head because you didn't quite like the finish. I do this myself sometimes, even though I know better. Simply spray paint these white, then use a piece of sandpaper to distress.

Why not set up a small paint booth like this one. Seeing how it's winter, you might like to have it in front of your garage door pointing into the garage. Or on the side of the house next to the front door.

This was a beautiful mirror to start because of the texture in all the roses. Remove the mirror, spray paint the frame white and replace the center with a piece of very thin plywood painted with Chalkboard Paint. If you bring the mirror measurements with you, then you could simply have a rectangle cut at the Home Depot.

This is a perfect nail polish organizer with a drawer to keep nail files. For you men, place a few bottles of your cologne with jewelry that you wear daily.

This is something I know I've snubbed my nose at plenty of times. However seeing how this beautiful tray came out, I'll be sure to pick up these wicker trays whenever I can. There perfect for creating vignettes like this.

While your thrifting, think about some of the things you might like. This may help you in finding what you're looking for. Just envision it being white with a little distressing.


Can you even believe how adorable these little snowmen are? I think there simply devine, especially when I think of using them on my side tables and nightstands.

Come take a look at how simple these are to make for your home with me.

Styrofoam balls (used 3 different sizes)

Hot glue gun

Old sweater sleeve


burlap scraps

black pipe cleaner

elastic thread

Glue the Styrofoam balls together with hot glue. Once the glue had dried, I slid the Styrofoam balls into the sweater sleeve and cut the sweater with just a little over hang on each end.

I used burlap scraps and tied it around the snowman’s neck for it’s cute scarf.

On my tall snowman I used elastic thread to cinch the area between the bottom 2 balls.


I used glue to close off the sweater seams at the top and bottom of the snowman. (This takes some gluing, trimming, tucking and repeating till it looks smooth)


I rolled the black pipe cleaner to make the buttons and cut them with scissors to the size I wanted. Then I glued them onto the sweater.

On my tall snowman I used elastic thread to cinch the area between the bottom 2 balls.

Remember all this times I was looking for a tier stand to share with you? I think I've found it.

This is one way of getting creative with your thrift store finds. Get various size plates, with various white tea cups. At the bottom is a white ceramic candle holder perfect for the base. Then get an epoxy type glue to put it together.

Ahh...this feels like home. I've rescued so-so many pieces of old furniture in my years and refinished them. After you've refinished a few pieces, it becomes natural. So when you see a piece of furniture, you'll think - what color will I paint this, instead of turning your head thinking it's impossible.

So let's take a look at how this dear girl refinished this.

I recently scored this beaten up dresser on my local Facebook buy/sell/trade group for $20 !!! It was a total steal. I really don’t think anyone else in that group saw the potential in this little beauty… poor thing.

Materials Used:

  • Behr Ceiling Paint tinted to Peaceful Blue
  • Minwax or Varathane furniture wax
  • Minwax Stain in Weathered Oak
  • Mouse sander
  • Minwax Polycrylic in matte finish
  • Coarse grit and medium grit sanding pads
  • Clean, dry lint-free rags
  • Large course paint brush for applying wax
  • Large sponge brush for applying polycrylic
  • New hardware

Step 1. I wanted to get rid of the orangey color on the dresser but still retain some wood tone, so I sanded down the top entirely with my mouse sander, first with coarse grit and then medium grit for a smooth finish.

I wiped away all of the sanding dust and then applied two coats of the Minwax Weathered Oak, following the directions on the back of the can. I loooooove this color of stain. I use it every chance I get. It’s very light but pulls out a lot of the natural shade variations in the wood and adds just a hint of gray.

On the rest of the dresser, I brushed on two coats of the Fusion Champness. It’s a gorgeous color!

Instead of using Fusion Mineral Paint that's expensive, we'll use Behr Ceiling paint tinted in Peaceful Blue.

I knew I wanted to give the piece an antique French look, so I toned down the blue a bit by brushing on the Fusion Espresso wax, working it into the painted finish and details with a wax brush. This is by far my favorite wax to work with.

I've printed out the Fusion Wax chart to take with you to Home Depot to find a Minwax or Varathane wax that closely matches it.

If you find the wax drying a bit, simply add a bit of Mineral Spirits to your brush.

Use the wax in all the areas that would normally get worn. Fronts of drawers, around the feet or legs, along the edges of the sides and randomly all over the place.

Once your piece is completely dry, seal the finish with Minwax Polycrylic in matte finish. If you can't get your sponge brush into the can, then pour some stain into a throw away bowl of sorts. Allow to completely dry overnight.

I replaced the existing hardware with some new knobs and handles I picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, and if I walked passed this little dresser on the street now, I don’t think I’d recognize it.

So how do you grade the first piece of furniture you've refinished? I bet it gets a whopping A. If your not 100% comfortable with how it looks, take some notes on what you think you did wrong so you'll know what to do differently on your next piece.

I am just so giddy with all the beautiful home decor that's being made here. Now of course your not going to find these exact things, but there a great source of inspiration.

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