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Adding a touch of

French Country Fall

to your Dining room

Friday French Country Decor

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How would you like to begin bringing fall into your home in simple ways?

Because our dining rooms are the hub to our homes, I thought I'd start here.

Gorgeous pumpkins on the sideboard to the right, pine cones in various bowls to the right and the color hydrangeas they've chosen for the table.

What's fall without gorgeous white pumpkins? I know these can get to be expensive when your purchasing them one by one from your local craft store, like Hobby Lobby - especially this time of year when their first coming out.

However when you purchase them in "bulk" their far less expensive. Like with this 12 piece set in both large and small for only $20.00. So this equates to only $1.60 each.

So when decorating, think of where you can sprinkle these across your dining room.

Now, the creme de la creme. Gorgeous hydrangeas.

Beautiful set of 10 hydrangeas for only $12.29. Are you kidding me? So this is $1.22 each. You will never find a beautiful hydrangea with a large head for $1.22.

You could buy peonies to add to the hydrangeas to give you that earthy feel in the flowers like shown in the dining room above.

Or you could use purple hydrangeas with the cream one's. These are 15 hydrangeas for$15.19. Only $1.01 a piece.

Now all that's left is candle holders. This one's super simple. Just go to your local dollar store and purchase a bunch of glass containers that are fairly high. Also purchase a bag of cream sand and a bunch of taper candles.

Pour your sand into the glass vessels, then place a candle into each one and spread across your dining table.

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