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Adding a Touch of French Country

to Your Home - Day 3 With Accessorizing


Adding a Touch of French Country to Your Home - Day 3 With Accessorizing

I'm so excited to be here today sharing the 3rd day of our Adding a Touch of French Country to Your Home. So how many rooms have you done this too so far?

I've been sharing things with you that have been a part of French Country decor for a long time, but wanted to bring them into focus because many times when we have a project in front of us - we lose focus. And that's what I'm here to do - keep you focused.

So we talked a lot about crystal chandeliers and bringing a touch into several rooms of your home.

Today I'd like to talk about accessorizing. Would you believe that there's a right way and a wrong way of doing this?

My favorite thing to say about accessorizing is to REMEMBER 3. Accessorizing looks best when done with odd numbers.

This is a perfect example of accessorizing in 3's. Here's 3 totally different things, but each one is very similar in nature.

Just some beautiful large and plush bath towels rolled up and placed on a shelf with a canister of soaps is very simple and very inexpensive to add a touch of French Country in accessorizing.

Yes, even your bathroom vanity deserves a touch of French Country flair and how much more perfect is different antique silver pieces. Pieces like this can randomly be found at Goodwill. I'm really not saying this because I think a lot of you are tired of hearing me say it - so shhhhhhh.

A gorgeous bathroom with antique style decor. I say antique style because I don't believe the wall sconces are antiques. The mirror could certainly be an antique and that's why they've chosen these sconces.

Placing 3 entirely different things, but with a common interest on your coffee table is a beautiful addition to your living room. Notice here, they just used a simple bunch of flowers in a jar.

I just love this living room. There's several things going on here that makes this space so interesting. The first reason for this is because there's so many things to look at at different heights - meaning that your eyes will never get bored here. As for accessorizing, everything is aged. There's several aged white pieces - the candle holders and the wood pediments on the fireplace mantel. Then there's the aged metal buckets with miniature trees on the mantel. The aged large wood trough with the small aged foot stool on the coffee table.

Everything here works beautifully together which is one of the reasons why this living room is one of my all time favorites. So when choosing pieces to accessorize with, keep what your buying in the back of your head when looking for other pieces to fill the space. Or you could be like me in taking photos and keeping them in a folder. Now a folder might be cumbersome, so size the photos to fit into a small note pad that can fit into your handbag.

Here's a beautiful example of using just a few things and their using 3 things. These accessories play a huge role in the accent pillow on the couch. Another example of keeping what you've purchased in a note pad.

Here - color is the theme. And it's always a beautiful thing when using one color with different textures like seen here with the lamps and the greenery in the middle.

Just a gorgeous array of accent pillows in a similar color is enough to add a touch of French Country charm to tis window bench.

In this bedroom, there using a collection of artwork to create interest on one wall. This is so simple to do. If you've never created a gallery of artwork before, then using all the same size frames makes it much easier. For artwork, you can print anything you'd like online, just size it to fit the frames. A wonderful source for vintage images in The Graphics Fairy.

Just another gorgeous grouping of pillows, not only accent - but bed pillows as well. And look at the two on the bench. This bedroom is simply divine.

Here, with these two bedrooms - everything was planned down to the details.

The reason I say this is because with the bedroom on the left - it's no coincidence that the mirrored night stand, the wall sconces and the chandelier blend perfectly with the wood of the bed. The roman shades, gold framed artwork and bedding blend perfectly. If these pieces were picked up over time, then it took a long time for this bedroom to come together.

The same is true with the bedroom on the right. The bedding, the distressed wood artwork, the drapes, the trunk and the mirror working perfectly together.

Now we're talking accessorizing - not redoing an entire room. So accessorizing the bedroom on the left, there's the wall sconces and the chandelier. The chandelier was probably chosen first. With the bedroom on the right, it's the wood mirror and the wall sconces on the sides of it. The elements on the dresser are simple. A simple vase with long flowers, a small antique style alarm clock on several antique books.

How beautiful and interesting is this? The theme here is old metal with the old metal watering can and the painted faux metal on the candle holders.

This is how I look at every single photo. I look for balance, a rhythm amongst the pieces in the room. When every piece in a room speaks to one another - it's perfect design. And as I'm showing you, it's not difficult to do.

How beautiful is this? And it looks rich to me for some reason. I think it's because of the mirror and the large wood box. If these two things are truly antiques, I can guarantee you they weren't cheap. However you can recreate this look with a gorgeous gold mirror from Wayfair and maybe they'd have an aged box like this as well. Very easy to recreate.

I love these chunky wood shelves used in the kitchen with ornate metal brackets. Here the theme is antique crates with antique style metal containers. Everything looks so beautiful with all the plants softening everything.

You can even add a French Country touch in your office with a simple vase filled with certain colored flowers, then a basket or bucket of artificial flowers in the same colors. So simple - so inexpensive.

How gorgeous would these pieces be in creating a home office?

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