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Adding a Touch of French Country

to Your Home - Day 4 With Flowers


Adding a Touch of French Country

to Your Home - Day 4 With Flowers

I'm so glad your here today. It's such a happy day with it being the "hump" of the week - a day we all look forward to. And I want to make your day even happier in talking about FLOWERS - wonderful-gorgeous-beautiful-colorful FLOWERS.

I'm sure that you're like many of us in loving flowers. You see fresh ones at the grocery store and hesitate on buying them because your not sure what to do with them - aside from plunking in a vase. You see gorgeous artificial flowers at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and again hesitate, not sure on how to arrange them.

Today...I'm going to resolve these issues for you. We'll talk about creating a gorgeous arrangement with fresh flowers bought at the grocery store - so it's going to be super inexpensive. We'll do the same thing with artificial flowers.

In essence, it shouldn't matter if your flowers are artificial or fresh one's because arranging them is the same.

We're currently in the midst of winter being February 13th and the cold grey days can become somewhat gloomy making it the perfect time to talk about flowers. Adding different arrangements throughout your home, maybe in some dark little nooks will certainly brighten your day. Having a gorgeous arrangement on a night stand is a wonderful things to wake up to every morning and seeing before you go to bed at night (especially with a lit candle next to them). And how about a gorgeous arrangement on your dining table to put a smile on your face when sitting down for supper in the evenings and possibly giving you that last little spark of being creative for the day. I could go on and on about what to do with and how to display flowers.

How wonderful it is to make gorgeous - simple arrangements for your home. Just think of all the little nooks in your home that could use a little color.

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Keep them Simple

Creating a simple arrangement with a big bunch of one type of flower in a gorgeous vase or vessel will definitely save you some money. So aside from adding lots of color to your home, your saving money in the process which is a beautiful thing in itself.

Use interesting Vases and Vessels

Think outside the box when it comes to a vessel for your flowers. Use things like pitchers, vintage trophies, dough bowls, or antique urns as vessels for your gorgeous flowers. As long as it can hold water and your able to fit flowers into it - it's perfect! Some other things to consider using as vessels could be an old bucket, several small old creamers or glasses, or a vintage silver bowl. Using things such as these makes your floral arrangement that much more interesting and special to your heart.

Using Grocery Store Flowers

Not only do you save money buying at a grocery store, but it makes it much easier to keep them in your home on a weekly basis. It's been my experience in seeing bouquets with several different flowers, or a bouquet of roses.

If this is all that there is, than simply buy several bouquets with the mixed flowers and then when you get home and your ready to arrange them, simply pull out and place the same flowers together.

Shop Seasonally

Another way to save money is to shop the flowers that are in season! This way, their fairly reasonable. If it’s a special occasion you may want to splurge on something out of season, but otherwise, go with what is plentiful and affordable.

Toss in some Artificial Flowers

So let’s be honest, it’s not always possible or practical to get fresh flowers every week. Using quality artificial flowers can really come in handy when this happens and even better, they can fill in gaps when combined with your fresh flowers.

The one thing you should never do is using faux greenery. Just go outside to snag some fresh greenery - whether it's a few clippings from a tree with just gorgeous leaves, or clippings from a plant with their gorgeous leaves. Having fresh greenery adds to the fullness of your arrangement.

Don't forget to Water Your Plants

Sometimes is more beneficial to buy plants rather than cut flowers because of the types of containers you may have. You might think twice about doing this because a plant might cost you $10.00 opposed to $5.00, but think about how much they'll save you money in the long run. If you buy several bundles of flowers at $5.00 a piece - that's say $15.00 - $20.00 for fresh flowers that will only last for about a week. The $10.00 plant will last you many years if watered properly. So I consider this to be a win-win for sure!

1. Sansevieria aka ‘Snake Plant”

You can purchase these at Home Depot and they add such a nice form and pop of color to a room without requiring much attention at all!

2. Spider Plant

A beautiful plant that would be great atop a dresser or hanging out on your bathroom counter. They can survive in super low lit areas, too!

3. Red Prayer Plant

This little plant is so cute and has the most unique leaves! Aside from removing toxins from the air and being pet-friendly, it’s also super low maintenance.

4. Bird of Paradise

If you’re looking for a gorgeous statement plant to fill a large place, look no further. This beautiful plant will look her best even when you forget to water her from time to time.

5. Monstera

This tropical plant is apparently noted to be very easy to take care of and adds a pop of style to any room.

6. Aloe Plant

You can find these plants at places like Walgreens and their just a beautiful plant to have, aside from their underlying beauty secrets.

Set a Budget

If you drool over flower photos on Instagram or Pinterest like I do, set a budget so that you can make fresh flowers a priority. If you think you can’t afford it, perhaps think of something else you buy that you could give up. Do you get weekly manicures that could be reduced to every other week? Or are you a Starbucks junkie who buys coffees almost daily? Those can really add up and just cutting those down some could provide you with fresh flowers every week! Simply do without some things to treat yourself to fresh flowers weekly and you'll be so much happier!

Adding different floral arrangements to your home in different vases and containers is one of the most French Country things to do for your home.

How to Arrange a Floral Bouquet

Making a gorgeous arrangement is rather simple with very few materials needed.

First, you'll need your vase or container and a roll of tape. It doesn't matter what type of tape it is because it's not going to be seen. It's only being used to build a grid for your flowers.

We'll begin with creating a "grid" like this with simply placing tape down and across.

Now we can place all of our greenery into the vase, keeping it on the outside of the grid. This is any greenery that you may have got in your store bought bouquet, or greenery from outside. If your using artificial flowers and purchased some greenery as well, you'll place them here.

Now if your using a boutique with different flowers, you'll take the predominant flowers (the ones that really stand out to you) - cut the stems so they'll be placed at different heights and insert into the middle of your grid. If your using just one type of flower, you can just snip the ends of your fresh flowers and place several in the middle. You'll do the same thing with artificial flowers - the snipping.

Again, if your using a boutique with several different types of flowers, you'll place the second predominant flowers in the center after snipping the ends for placing them at different heights. If your using just one type of flower, you've got several in the middle already, so pull those out and place a few new flowers along side of them and cut your new flowers a tad bit shorter. Then place them back into the vase with your new flowers on the outside. You can also do this with your artificial flowers.

Again if your using a bouquet with several different types of flowers, begin placing the rest of the flowers on the outside of the grid, cutting them to place at different heights.

Like in this photo, the predominant pink flowers and secondary predominant greenish flowers are in the middle. The remaining flowers of the bouquet - the dark purple and lighter purple flowers - the green smaller flowers and the tiny daisy type flowers are all placed around the outside of the grid.

There's no right or wrong way of doing this. Just place the flowers on the outside of the grid the way you like them. What looks good to you. The only rule is to cut them at different heights, so when you place them in the grid, they'll look like this.

Creating Same Flower Arrangements

If your using the same flowers, you'll just cut the new one's shorter than the last one's you placed and keep filling in around the outside of your vase. So it will look something like this.

It will appear almost like a ball. The tallest flowers in the center with a gradual transition to the shortest flowers.

Or you could have it look like this. In this case all the flowers are cut at the same height.

Here's another gorgeous arrangement with the flowers cut at the same height with a lot of greenery tossed in. Here you can see all the greenery on the outside with just a few whispers of it in the middle.

Adding Drama

Adding drama to a floral arrangement is one of my favorite things to do. You'll see how we've already covered the basics of doing this with just a few additions added.

With this arrangement, all of the flowers were cut at the same height and placed into the vase. The floral branches were cut to add lots of height to the center, then placed in the middle and slightly on the outsides. Very simple.

This arrangement is using the same flower in two colors - purple and white and an additional flower - purple with white. These flowers were cut at different height - tall one's in the middle and shorter one's on the bottom, or sides and overloaded in the vase. So overloading at different heights is the key here.

I love this floral arrangement because there's so much going on here. In arranging this, all of the greenery is on the outside. The roses would be the tallest flowers placed in the middle. The hydrangeas would then be cut shorter than the roses at two different heights (see how the white hydrangeas are taller than the pink one's) and also placed in the middle. Then the swirly branches were added to the middle in between the roses. Super simple.

Here's another overloaded container. Here these two dominant flowers - the white roses and the green hydrangea looking flowers. All of these flowers have been cut at various heights. There's no dominant flowers in the center. The greenery around the outside was placed first, then all of the flowers at different heights were placed in second. Finally a few branches were added around the outside of the arrangement. Again, super simple.

I love this arrangement as well and here it's because it's very unusual. Only some of the greenery was added on the outside first, then the large opened peonies were cut at different heights and placed in the middle, with the smaller closed peonies placed on the outside. Then they added the long branches on the outside on different sides to give it dimension. Again, very easy to do.

I hope that I've taken the intimidation out of floral arranging and given you lot's of inspiration in making your own.

But just a few more things before I go...

No lie - I could have a floral arrangement like this in every corner of my home.

Always add an aspirin to your vase or container of fresh flowers.

Always cut your fresh flowers at a 45 degree angle.

How to Cut Flowers

This is how you'd cut flowers at the same height. Flowers with a stem like tulips can be cut together. Just take the bouquet and arrange in your hand with all of the flowers grouped together, then cut the bottom of the stems straight across.

To cut your flowers at different heights for your vase or container, take one flower and place inside your vase or container. If the height is ok for being in the center, then just snip the bottom.

If it needs to be cut shorter, then remove it from the vase or container and hold it up along the outside of the vase or container at the height you would like. Then cut the remaining of the stem. Use this flower for cutting the remaining flowers.

Now take a few more flowers - hold them up along the side of the first flower you cut and trim the stems the same height.

Now using one of these flowers, hold several others up along the side and cut a little shorter. Repeat this for your remaining flowers. Just cutting your next grouping a little shorter.


Boil some water and fill your vase or container half way up. Cut about inch from your hydrangea stem and immediately place the stem in the boiling water and leave them there.

If you do not have flower food available you could use a table spoon of sugar.

Hydrangeas prefer for the bloom to be kept in a cooler environment and away from drafts or direct sunlight. Hydrangeas also drink water from their bloom heads so use a mister spray bottle to mist the heads. If you find that they are wilting quickly, dunk its whole head in boiling water.

I hope you have a gorgeous and wonderful day after reading this and also hope that your inspired to start seeking out flowers that you love to create some gorgeous arrangements for your home.

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