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Adding a Touch of French Country

to Your Home - Day 5 With Bedding


Adding a Touch of French Country to Your Home - Day 5 With Bedding

I'm so super excited to be talking about our Bedrooms today. How do you feel at night when you go into your bedroom to unwind from the day? How does it feel? Does it feel like it totally embraces you and entices you to lay down and snuggles into your pillows? Well this is what I want to create today. A pure sanctuary for you to simply slip away in the evening.

So how do we create this? What type of bed would we love to have?

I'm sad to say that the bed itself doesn't really matter! It's what lies on top of it that matters. Yes - we all love a gorgeous bed or headboard. One that's possibly wood with intricate detail. Or one that's metal with an antique style to it. But really, today's talk is about luxury We can talk about bed styles another day.

Buying a mattress is a very tricky thing to talk about because everyone has their own preference as to what they like, or what they might need. So I'm going to leave buying a mattress up to you.

Let's talk about all the scrumptious layers that reside on top of the mattress.

This bed is one that you just want to jump on and crawl under the covers and stick your head into these gorgeous pillows with their linen covers. This is a vintage chenille bed cover on top with what looks like another vintage bed covering underneath it. The bed skirt could be vintage as well, or it could be new with a vintage style. All of the pillow covers are linen, except for the three white cotton one's in the back.

So this provides a few things that we could consider with our bedding. Linen pillow covers - vintage bed covers and a vintage, or vintage style bed skirt.

How gorgeous are these linen pillow covers? I just love them. I must admit that my jaw somewhat hit the ground when I saw what the prices were for linen pillow cases with Wayfair. So I decided to do a google search for them and lo and behold what did I find, but fellow Etsy sellers selling them. Now I'm an Etsy seller and have been for quite a few years now and I know how much pride all of the sellers have in their products. So I would strongly encourage your to purchase them through Etsy opposed to any big box store because their handmade with a lot of love and perfection.

These range in price around $20.00 each which is a steal - trust me.

I love these vintage chenille style bed spreads and believe it or not - their very reasonable. From left to right - JC Penney $85.00 - Kohl's $88.00 - Macy's $110.00

I love that we're putting our bed together here for not a lot of money and how dreamy is it so far? Well...we're not finished yet.

So I found these vintage style eyelet bed skirts for you to drool over and again, at great prices - because you know that I'm all about that! From left to right - Kohl's $30.00 - Overstock $32.49 - Hayneedle $24.88

Oh my gosh - now I'm getting excited to get some new bedding, especially at these great prices. I'll tell you, one of my missions in life is to live as frugally as I can and why not? For example, why would I pay $100.00 for a linen pillow case when I can pay $20.00? And it's homemade.

So what does this gorgeous bedroom entail? Well...I see two accent pillows behind the two bed pillows (which I love by the way) and a bed cover. Pretty simple.

I learned a lot today in looking at these gorgeous bed covers. Their called "Skirted Bed Spread" and I couldn't find them anywhere for a reasonable price, so again - my fellow friends at Etsy had these beautiful one's that are made from cotton and linen. They range between $110 - $150.00 which I think is a very reasonable price seeings how their handmade. And this is for a queen size bed spread.

These embroidered pillow cases are simply beautiful, especially the one on the right being handmade. There are a definite must in any French Country bedroom. I know their not the most practical buy of the century. but maybe once a month you could purchase a new set, or maybe every other month.

From left to right - Amazon $39.99 -Target $18.74 - Etsy $38.99

Can I tell you something? I have a true passion for greyish-pink. I absolutely love this color and when I see a photo with it - I use it. First, I love this bedroom. I love everything about it, but we're not talking bedrooms today. So back on track. This bedding is unique in that they have a huge body pillow with a gorgeous ruffled cover.

There's also a beautiful white "diamond" blanket with a beautiful duvet cover and let's not forget the pillows with their gorgeous ruffled covers.

Wow - wow - wow. Everything that I looked at here today is very expensive and these blankets are no exception. There's blankets like these on Wayfair selling for $800.00. They must be popular right now. I was able to scouf these gorgeous blankets up for an extremely wonderful price of around $40.00.

These duvet covers are simply gorgeous. Now I've done cinched pleats like this before and I will tell you that it's a lot of work and with this said, the duvet cover on the left is one made by a seller on Etsy for $130.00. Now the other two duvet covers are much less, but consider the fact that the one from Etsy is hand made.

The duvet cover and the pillows in the photo above are linen I believe, it's hard to tell because of the photo. But I thought I'd go rather simple with just a cotton duvet cover.

The one on the right is from Macy's and is $80.00 and the one in the middle is from Walmart for only $50.00.

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So let's talk sheets. I love sheets and their super important to your comfort. My favorite sheets are vintage because they've been used hundreds of times and are so super soft. I know what your thinking - ewww - I'm not using sheets that belonged to someone else. I get it and totally understand. But here's the thing - just wash them in bleach.

Apparently there are now sheets for different types of sleepers.

From left to right...

With a fair price point, more than 2,800 amazing reviews, and a smart blend of eco-friendly bamboo and wrinkle-resistant microfiber, these hypoallergenic bed sheets will suit most people perfectly. They come in six mattress sizes, 12 shades, and are simple to care for: According to reviewers, they hold up incredibly well after a wash, with few people reporting on problems like pilling. $29.00

These heavy velvet-flannel sheets are made with 190 grams of cotton and combine the warmth of flannel and the silky-soft feel of velvet to create a set that reviewers say are thick, warm, and toasty. One reviewer even claimed that these sheets allowed her to turn down her thermostat and save money on heating. As an aside, “grams” refer to the weight of a fabric — most flannel sheets hover around 170 grams, so these are weightier and warmer than your average flannel sheet.

Another plus: Reviewers say they are high-quality with perfectly sewn hems, and that they stand up well in the washing machine. They come in queen, king, and California king sizes and 11 colors and prints, including three floral designs. $71.00

When it comes to choosing cooling bed sheets that are comfortable for sweaty sleepers and hot climates, it’s best to select natural fabrics, like cotton, but to also pay attention to the weave design. These popular 300 thread count percale cotton sheets stay cool and crisp to the touch, which makes them stand apart from sateen cotton weaves, which are more likely to retain heat.

Reviewers say they hold up well in the wash, and that they actually become softer and more comfortable over time. Better yet, fans rave that they truly feel “cold” when you climb into bed and will keep you cool throughout the night. These sheets come in four mattress sizes (no twin, unfortunately) and four colors: white, ivory, gray, and light gray. $40.00

Unlike the majority of bamboo bed sheets on the market, these hypoallergenic sheets are actually made from 100-percent bamboo and are not blended with microfiber or cotton. This detail makes them the perfect choice for anyone with allergies, as they are also resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

According to more than 1,000 reviewers, these eco-friendly sheets are really soft, but they’re also thermoregulating to keep you warm on cold nights and cool on hot nights. They also come in seven mattress sizes (including split king and twin XL) and eight shades.

They're breathable and wash well, though you should keep in mind that sheets with a high bamboo content will wrinkle. $47.00

You’ll be hard pressed to find a set of sheets that more than 16,000 reviewers agree are “super soft” and cost just $20 — but these affordable sheets fit the bill. Made from wrinkle- and stain-resistant polyester microfiber, they are smooth, durable, and come in six mattress sizes and 20 colors and prints, including plaid and paisley.

The manufacturer describes these sheets as warmer than cotton and not at cooling, so keep that in mind if you are a sweaty sleeper. $20.00

We really hit the bill with these selections of sheets. I chose this site to inform me about the different types of sheets and I chose a great site because all of these recommendations make perfectly clear sense. I'm certain that if you choose any of these, depending on your sleep needs - that you'll be more than impressed and will give them a 5 star rating.

So what do you think? Have we touched on some really gorgeous products here to suite your needs when adding French Country bedding to your home? In my professional opinion as a designer, we browsed over different materials used in different style bedding. These are two very important things in choosing your bedding.

It's not always what looks best, but what feels comfortable to you. I don't know a person who doesn't love gorgeous things, but I also know that these people would choose comfort over beauty. I would have any of these products for bedding in my home and that's why I did the research in presenting them to you. And I know we nailed it here with both beauty and "function".

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