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Adding a Touch of French Country

to Your Home - Day 6 Design Any Room in 4 Steps


How to Design Any Room in 4 Simple Steps

First, grab a notebook to write these things down in.

So you know which room you'd like to redesign, but that's all you know. Which direction do you start with? Then what do you do after that? These are the types of questions people will ask themselves, your not alone. So my job today is to ease your mind in telling you that there's only 4 simple things you need to do.

You know that your going to be redesigning your living room for example, but what is the real purpose of your living room? Is it for watching tv only - playing games - reading? These are all important things to keep in mind as your designing.

For example, when making your list - you might want to include a couch instead of a sofa to give you lots of room for getting cozy and watching television. If your playing games as well, then you might want to consider adding a coffee table to your living room. If your reading, then you might want to add a cozy armchair with a side table.

Your inspiration could be a multitude of things.

Your first inspiration however should be considering the paint color that inspires you. You may know that you're definitely going to be choosing a barely white paint, but like seen here, these "barely white" paints have an illusion of color.

Knowing this is very important because this dictates what can go in front of it, even with furniture. Keep the paint cards with you in your notebook.

With either the Barely Grey paint or the Grey paint - I wouldn't put gold with them - I would put a satin or antique silver with them.

The next thing that might inspire you is a picture from a magazine, or one that you've found online. I use this source for a lot of my inspiration.

The one nice thing about doing this is that you get to see thousands of photo's from what other people are doing in a space. Maybe their doing something totally unexpected or unique that you never thought about.


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    Many of us already know the types of things that make a space feel cozy - or elegant - or relaxed - or energetic. And knowing this, it's rather easy to select things that evoke these feelings.

    For example, if you want a space to feel cozy - what's the first thing you think of? Possibly lots of throw blankets and accent pillows? Furniture that you can just throw yourself onto without having to worry if you messed it up or got it a little dirty with your shoes on. Distressed end tables and coffee table.

    Now that you know the purpose and feel of your space, you should have a good idea as to the basics that need to be incorporated.

    Start with the pieces that contribute to the purpose of the space. For example...

    Bring your notebook with you with the ideas or photo's you have.

    • A couch or sofa
    • A coffee table
    • Side Tables
    • Cabinet for storage
    • Arm Chair

    If you start with purchasing your couch or sofa, make sure the end tables and coffee table are going to still be perfect the perfect pieces.

    Now you can work on the pieces that create the feeling you would like. For example...

    • Crystal Chandelier
    • Wall Sconces
    • Baskets for Storage
    • Large Area Rug with Shades of Seafoam

    As you purchase these pieces, begin grouping them together to make sure that their evoking the feel you'd like.

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