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Adding a Touch of French Country to your

Home With Chandeliers


Adding a Touch of French Country to your Home With Chandeliers

Adding a touch of French Country to your home doesn't need to cost a lot. It can be in the smallest way - a favorite french piece of decor, or a few antique books. I was thinking of a little bit more of a bang, one that's fairly easy.

A new crystal chandelier for your home. Just think about where you might like to add this because it will make a difference in size. I even found you a couple for your foyer.

I've done the research for you, but your welcome to look further and I would suggest Wayfair because they deal with hundreds of manufacturers.

Are these not scrumptious? These are so french country in style and would instantly add this style to any room you choose to adorn with a crystal chandelier.

The two at the top are smaller for a foyer. The two at the bottom are around 28" in diameter - perfect for your living room or over your dining table.

These chandeliers are very affordable and won't break the bank.  Plus the french love to indulge, so why should you with one gorgeous chandelier.

Adding gorgeous wall scones to the sides of a large mirror, or large piece of artwork is another splendid way of adding a touch of French Country to your home. I prefer sticking with gold because it's warm and timeless. Now - we have the luxury of diving in to various gold paint finishes that are always welcome.

These three gorgeous wall sconces are from Wayfair and very affordable to your pocket.

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