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Adding Warmth to your Home

Wednesday 12/5/2018

The cold weather is here and it's here to stay for several months. If your anything like me in not wanting to go out in this weather, than there's nothing better than creating a cozy and warm home to snuggle up in. Be inspired with ideas in creating your own sanctuary at home in seeing all of the ideas I've come up with.

I know, I know – you may very well passionately dislike Winter.

You may long for sandy beaches and palm trees and flip-flops.

But, until warmer weather settles in for the season…

we just have to find ways to add some warmth to our homes.

All we can do is hunker down and make the most of it.

Spend time playing games, or finish that novel you started long ago

and are far from finished.

Remembering the bliss of what it’s like to enjoy just being.

Sometimes the soul needs quiet time to simply appreciate the

peacefulness that only happens when the snow is falling softly

against the window panes.

Even when you think you will scream if you have to spend one

more moment “trapped” inside your home –

and, even when the weatherman threatens more snow –

dig inside and remind yourself that it’s okay to slow down.

It’s okay to try out that recipe you've been wanting to try and

never had time to fix before.

And, then give yourself permission to have seconds.

You can do an extra workout when the ground thaws.

While you’re at it…put on a big pot of chowder or soup or stew.

And, after that extra helping of cake, you might as well throw

in some crusty bread.

The crackle of the fire seems to be lulling you to sleep…

after all – with a full tummy who can resist a long,Winter nap.

So draw up a hot bath – Linger a little longer than you normally do.

Then, snuggle under some cozy blankets and let Ole’ Man Winter

do his thing outside, while you do yours inside.

As night creeps through the windows, and the sun settles below

the snow-covered horizon… take a moment to cherish these fleeting

moments. Permit yourself to enjoy the solitude that a snowstorm allows.

… because when the temperatures rise and the snow melts.

Reality will return. The hustle and bustle of life will again protrude

on your serenity. And you will look back at this season, and be

thankful that you allowed yourself to simply –

enjoy the now.

Make a gorgeous winter wreath for your front door, or maybe use inside your home.

Without a doubt, using dark wood in your home during the winter is one of the best ways of adding warmth to your home. Clearly you'll be enjoying these new wood side tables all year long, so make sure their pieces you absolutely love. I've just seen in so many photos that this is one of the least expensive ways of not only adding warmth, but also a new piece of furniture that doesn't necessarily need to cost a bunch.

Gorgeous antique crates and handmade coffee table from reclaimed wood.

Even after Christmas has left us, remove all of the ornaments and leave your gorgeous tree up during the rest of the winter months.

Gorgeous wood coffee table and a metal and wood coffee table.

Use a dark wood box filled with artificial plants for added warmth to your space.

Don't forget about your gorgeous topiary's that add lush greenery to a warm and cozy space.

I just love this huge round coffee table and then the other wood coffee table with ornate legs.

Adding a cozy faux fur footstool to a side chair is a welcome addition this winter.

How beautiful is this on a fireplace mantel or side table. Just use a wool plaid scarf with black or dark colored lanterns, a container of pine either fresh or artificial and if on a mantel - a gorgeous wood mirror above it.

Whether you add wood furnishings to your home or not, wood candle holders are another great way of adding warmth for very little money. This one's from Hobby Lobby.

Make a few cinnamon stick candles. I'm sure as the candles burns, the fragrant of the cinnamon sticks will disperse.

This is such a cozy and warm photo for me - a cup of coffee, a candle, some cable knit throws and diy projects.

While working on this post, I noticed a lot of very narrow kitchens and I think these are cozy with a sense of warmth opposed to a large wide open kitchen. The wood floors here add a lot of warmth even with the white cabinets.

I love this as a vignette on a side board. The two dark wood lamps with antique bottles that you could simply put a sprig of fresh pine in. The gorgeous antique windows above the side board with a grapevine wreath that you could make for the season.

Another fairly narrow kitchen that's so cozy. Notice again the wood floors with the white cabinets. Let these two elements be inspiration for you should you decide to redo your kitchen.

How wonderful would something like this be in your kitchen. It's gorgeous.

I love the brick structural piece in this kitchen. Would make me want to build a faux one in my kitchen. The black floors add warmth against the all white kitchen.

This one's decorated for winter and notice how the greenery itself adds so much warmth. Add plants to your rooms to add warmth and use a variety of shapes and sizes in gorgeous pots. Also use floor plants to add height to an otherwise bare corner.

So do you have a bench in your entryway? Add a faux fur blanket to it.

Yes, we're all bundled up this time of year with gorgeous warm sweaters. In addition to your sweaters, think about adding sweater pillows to your living room and bedroom that will add a lot of warmth, mixed with some faux fur pillows and blankets.

If your fortunate enough to have a fireplace, than you have the best feature in your living room in adding warmth - literally. Pine trees are perfect for the entire cold season, not just for Christmas. Use these throughout your home. Put artificial trees in a gorgeous pot. Using reindeer is also a great way to decorate for the entire season.

Do you have an armoire in your hallway, living room or bedroom? Fill it with lush blankets and leave the doors opened.

Even without a hot cup of coffee and a candle burning - I love my diy projects to keep me indoors warm and cozy.

Oh my gosh, these bedrooms make me want an upholstered headboard. Look at how incredibly lush these beds look. I love the wall scones in the bedroom to the left, something that adds warmth to the space because their not bright, but rather adds just the right amount of warmth when lit. The bedroom to the right is like our bedroom in being large enough for a bedroom and office in one room - love this. The grey walls are really inspiring me because I want to repaint our entire apartment and was thinking of an off-white. I could go with an off-white with a grey hue to it.

Making repurposed sweater pillows is one of the easiest things to do to add warmth to your bedroom and living room. Either simply sew or apply fabric glue around the entire pillow, leaving an opening to insert the pillow form - then finish closing.

So I think it's safe to say that to create a bedroom with warmth is all done with the bed in adding a lot of comfy pillows - layers of bedding and super comfy throw blankets. I absolutely love the pink throw blankets in these bedrooms and is definitely what I'll be using in my bedroom this winter on top of a cream duvet cover that I'll be making.

This is something else that I'll definitely be making. The entire piece adds warmth in the wood and of course the blankets.

Easily upcycle an old sweater and make covers for your lamp shades.

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