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ALL NATURAL French Country Christmas

Tuesday 11/20/2018

Lot's of evergreens draped everywhere - natural ornaments, cable knit sweaters and pillows, small Christmas trees in every nook you can fit them in and thinking outside the box with your Christmas tree skirt. This is an All Natural Christmas.

How beautiful is this winter outdoor sitting area. The only thing that's missing is some sort of fire pit to keep you toasty. I love the faux white fur pillows with the old metal chairs and table. I would have also tried to figure out how to hang a chandelier over the table. Umm...I bet if I lived in Miami as well I could have an outdoor dining area like this for the winter with a faux white carpet of sorts.

I was inspired to look into this blog because of the wall color here. I thought I was the only one using turquoise shades on my walls. Then as I continued reading, I stumbled upon this photo with the gorgeous large trestle table and sofa to one side. Such a divine idea.

Yvonne at Stone Gable is going to show you how she creates a French Country Christmas, using no french country decor. Unbelievable with what she's come up with.

Far left - This dresser was redone by one of my friends Miss Mustard Seed and she was so generous in sharing it. This is the first time I've seen it all decked out for Christmas and like everything else she does, it looks beautiful. Miniature tree in pot, pom pom garland and a row of stoneware candle holders.

Middle - Is this bedroom to die for. I absolutely love it. The Christmas tree in the corner, the stockings on the fireplace mantel (so lucky) the gorgeous neutral bedding and touches of ever greens on the mantel.

Right - Can you say dreamy. Who wouldn't want to lay here and take a nap against these down feathered cable knit sweater pillows. Talk about stunning with these and the silver and gold garland against the wood headboard with grey tones.

Far left - I love finding these old mirrors and using them however you'd like. On a piece of newer furniture like this, or hanging on the wall. Then what looks like a wood box flipped over to give height to the white church and white bottle brush trees. The burlap shade is perfect, as well as the birch logs underneath.

Middle - I capture a lot of closeups of trees here so you're able to see what's really on the tree's. On this one I love the simple burlap bow and all the miniature grapevine kissing balls.

Right - Wow - something else for you to do with your tier stand. Look how gorgeous this one is painted white with just some natural elements in it - painted white pinecones - what could be a painted white tiny pinecone orb, fresh pine and a few ornaments.

Far left - Wow - how much of a difference wrapping a band of chiffon around your Christmas tree. Imagine how bear it would look without it. Just beautiful, then with all the pinecones wired on and white, silver and gold nestled in. I love this.

Middle - Again, wide ribbon draped down the tree in gold with a large gold star. Then they've added all the white ornaments that really set off the gold.

Right - I chose this little tree because of the wood box instead of a tree skirt. Brilliant idea. This is something you could do. If you don't have the machinery to make a box, look high and low for one.

Far left - oh my goodness - how beautiful is this antique cabinet with the new button tufted chair.

Then they subtly added their Christmas decor with a wood box filled with pine, a Christmas sign and small pine wreath on the doors to the cabinet.

Middle - Try this, a small faux pine tree in a square basket with white led lights. Then place a few white led candles around it.

Right - How gorgeous are these wood candle holders. Never seen anything like them. I'm going to see about making some.

Far left - I love this Christmas tree. It's a little difficult to see what they've used for ornaments, so let me try to help you. They've used a dark brown fabric garland throughout the tree. Then they placed white netting garland over it. Lot's of owls are used, with white snowball ornaments and pom-pom ornaments. Gorgeous, I would so love to have this in my home.

Middle - Not sure what they have for ornaments on this tree, but you can be sure their very rustic. Another box used as a tree skirt. This is what drew me to this photo.

Right - I love this small tree with heavy flocked branches and the natural Christmas touch with the owls.

Far left - I love this closeup. Looks like ribbon and natural branch garland with vintage ornaments.

Middle - Look how precious the white pom pom ribbon is with barely anything else. I wouldn't have used ornaments, but rather fresh pine cones all over the tree.

Right - I love this linen santa's hat with the red ribbon and burst of faux pine garland and berries.

Far right - I believe I used this photo in another one of my posts this week. Well here it is again only for my All Natural French Country Christmas. I absolutely love the simplicity of just the wreath and the two miniature trees. Doesn't even matter if their all faux - there gorgeous.

Middle - I love this photo with the grain sack stockings, the farmhouse sign, and large galvanized bucket to the left with red writing on it. Even looks like a bunch of cotton flowers on the fireplace hearth. So with all of this said, I can guarantee you that the Christmas tree is no different.

Right - I absolutely love large wooden horses like this. There so elegant and majestic. We all know how beautiful they are in the wild, so we envision one as we look at our wooden ornamentation. Look how simple this nook is - an old window, a wreath and then the wood horse.

Far left - gorgeous slipcovers. I absolutely love slipcovers even though I don't have any yet. I love the combination of wood and metal in this space. The faux wood clock with the wood candle holders and gold star garland. The gold fireplace screen, the black metal lanterns and the silver metal tray on the coffee table with a few silver ornaments. If your playing around with something, carry it throughout the room.

Right - An old rusty jug used to fill with fresh pine and pine cone branches, the language behind this post All Natural French Country Christmas.

Did you know that I read all of these blogs on how to make each one of these to ensure that there going to be easy enough for you without a lot of added things to buy. I try to use things you would have around the house, or maybe things that you could easily pop on over to the Dollar Tree for.

I thought that I would give you a sneak peak of all of them together, JUST CHECK OUT THE BLOG FOR EACH ONE

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