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All Natural French Country Time

Friday 11/16/2018

Simplicity seen at it's finest here. Paper placemats - plastic gold silverware - twigs with berries - simple white dinnerware and everything that you need during dining and afterwards.

I've made a 5" x 6.5" template for you to use.

1. Kitchen cabinets above your stove are the perfect addition for ease of reaching your pots and pans. 2. Lot's of kitchen cabinets underneath the counter means a ton of storage space. We love these matte grey cabinets with an all white counter and black drawer pulls and knobs. 3. These L-shaped cabinets have gorgeous glass panels in the front, while keeping the one's on the bottom in just wood. We love the contrast between the white cabinets and black hardware.

4. We love the antique looking drawer pulls in this all white kitchen with a black counter top, absolutely stunning. I love this countertop. 5. The unique finish on these cabinets compliment the travertine tiles and glass mosaic like nothing else. The cabinets on top were done with calk paint and the cabinets underneath were kept simple with just stain. 6. Again, we love the contrast between the white cabinets and natural wood counter top. We especially love the fact that the upper cabinets are more like enclosed shelves, allowing for decorative features like the wicker baskets.

Effortless French Country Kitchen Decor

1. I love all of these super simple shelves that create so much storage for your basic ingredients. 2. I love this little coffee station with the small curtain rod to display your coffee cups. 3. This kitchen is just an eye stopper - wouldn't you agree? Look at the gorgeous black cabinets with the modern gold drawer pulls and the two beautiful gold scones over the sink. Oh...and let's not forget the beautiful apron front sink.

4. Super easy way to hang your pots and pans with style. 5. Another super easy shelving system that provides so much storage. I just love using shelves. 6. I love these natural wood shelves with the black brackets and again, we have that wonderful curtain rod for the coffee cups. Don't forget about the three hanging pendants that you can barely see.

I love all of the natural wood used in this kitchen and I especially love this vintage looking apron sink. Super easy shelving that you could do in an afternoon. The pot rack is also something that you could build in an afternoon - super simple. Just imagine what a dramatic difference these would make in your kitchen.

I hope that all of these Natural French Country finds bring you lot's of inspiration. Don't forget to check out our Natural French Country DIY's blog.

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