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ALL WHITE French Country Christmas

Saturday 11/19/2018

This is actually one of my favorite bloggers. This girl is so incredibly talented in the spaces she creates in her home and can you believe she lives in Miami. I envision lot's of white like seen here, but with bold colors living in Miami. Here she's created her home with layers of neutral colors and for Christmas, she's using very pale colors.

Far Left - I love the simplicity of this. Miniature evergreens, the wreath with fresh pine on the mantel and gentle spurts of white and silver. I also love the elegant beaded garland hanging in the front.

Medium - Again, I love the simplicity. These have got to be left over flowers from her summer garden and don't they look gorgeous, almost as good as when they were alive I love the little wreath to say I'm ready for the season ahead.

Right - This girl is the one who has made me love pink so much, because it's practically in every photo she shoots. I love just the little arrangement of pink roses here.

Far left - This mirror is gorgeous. I love the thin lines of it with a cluster of flowers at the top. It really stands focus amongst the Christmas stockings, the small gold vase for the flowers and the multiples of gold candle holders. Then you have the large white tree in the front.

Medium - I never thought about so much green as decor, but I really like this. It's very soothing. Notice it's not your typical Christmas wreath. Because of this, I assuming that they've used only holly berry branches on the mantel.

Right - Can I tell you that there's nothing like white stoneware in a dark hutch. I have one myself and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately mine has glass doors so I'm not able to hang pine in the front. I love this photo and now I'm inspired to pickup more white stoneware.

Far Left - How adorable is this little ceramic white deer head. Simply perfect for a place setting with a tiny spring of pine - love this.

Middle - I love white deers. There's just something so magical about them. Regardless of what color scheme you plan on going with this year, these are perfect for scattering throughout your home.

Right - Oh my gosh - this is a winter wonderland. They've got to have over a hundred lights on this tree because I know my tree doesn't even come close. It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I think they could have backed off with the lights a little bit because it's like a huge halogen light hanging over the tree.

Far Left - I'm not paying attention to the color red here, but I am paying attention to the wood bench and wood bowl of some sort under the tree. Then the vintage style butterfly paper ornaments and the paper banner.

Middle - Now this is an all white Christmas, absolutely stunning.The armoire next to the tree really speaks to the style of this bedroom. So important to have one piece that dictates the rest of the room. If you walked into my bedroom, you'd see my huge desk with reclaimed wood top, my two antique night stands and my two antique dressers, along with my antique trunk. You'd immediately know that I love old things.

Right - I love - love - love this little nook. The miniature Christmas tree is to die for and the wood horse and large french mirror are perfect for this little space.

Far Left - I absolutely love this little vignette. Each piece was chosen and is absolutely perfect.

Middle - I've seen this photo all over Pinterest and I love it, but wasn't going to use it because although it's quite beautiful, it's not practical. I do love the use of the antique drawer, the evergreen swag, natural burlap banner and the miniature trees.

Right - Talk about simplicity, this is it. A gorgeous white antique dresser with two slipcovered arm chairs on each side. And a super simple galvanized pale with a few evergreen trees.

Far Left - Simply gorgeous once again. I love the large white container with lilies and sprigs of pine. I also love the white bowl with pine cones and springs of pine on this very white buffet.

Middle - I envision this in a bathroom. It's absolutely adorable with the little snowflakes in the basket and french cones hanging up over the chair with a piece of antique linen.

Right - Ok...So here's another incredibly simple vignette of decor. Hope on over to Ikea to pick up a few of these white pitchers for $10.00 each, place them on your mantel and fill in between with evergreen and holly berry branches.

Far Left - I love these dishes - there just so scrumptious to look at, then adding a linen napkin with silverware and a sprig of pine makes for the perfect seating for everyone.

Middle - How gorgeous is this small eat-in area. White faux pillow, gorgeous white wreaths hanging and the large white berry swag handing. If I sat here in the morning, I'd never get up.

Right - How gorgeous is this wreath. It looks like a lot because it's all ruffled, but it's really not that bad.

Far left - remember that over the top chandelier we saw the other day and I said that I would just put evergreens on it, well this is what I was referring to - absolutely gorgeous with all of the crystals hanging below.

Middle - Another space that I could just dine in forever. Simply perfectly done with the large Christmas tree to the right, the two Christmas trees in the back - the collection of clocks, white dishes on the buffet and the fairly simply table with what looks like grey faux fur blankets.

Right - Another gorgeous lightly flocked green Christmas tree all decked out in white - perfect. Then the white is sprinkled through like with the stockings. Perfect if your looking for simplicity.

Far left - I love this arrangement over the fireplace and it's so easy to make. Just start off with a branch with some teticles to it, hang a few large snowflakes on the teticles, then some white ornaments and then finally, drape pears across the front of it.

Middle - Another nook I love. Not only is the small tree just adorable, but I love all the wood decor mixed in with the white decor on this white hutch.

Right - The absolutely most gorgeous white tree. Just plain with no ornaments and yet she stands proud - so gorgeous.

Far left - I love this all white space. White varies from room to room, but this space is as crisp white as you can get. Look how gorgeous the tree looks against these walls, and also the gold chandelier.

Middle - Speaking of an all white Christmas, well your packages have got to be the same. You can buy rolls of this at the Dollar Tree. Then place a hint of faux pine with a real little pinecones.

Right - How gorgeous is this? This could so easily be made with a few supplies from the Dollar Tree. A grapevine wreath and a ton of these white berry bushes.

What...? Look how amazing these DIY's are today. Just check them out on our blogs here.

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