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So I went onto Amazon today to just look at different things, like a new handbag for fall. At the bottom, fall decor kept scrolling through, so I decided to click on it.

I have never in my life been more shocked at the prices on decor that quite frankly, isn't worth what their asking.

Now many of the things on Amazon are handmade and should be priced according to what the owner thinks is reasonable for their time. I have a store on Etsy and this is how I price my product.

However when your selling things that are way out of line than what someone who makes them personally does, there's something wrong with this.

Take a look here at what some of the things are that I'm talking about.

See what I mean. Now I'm going to show you what these things would cost you to make.

Mason Jars

$1.00 each at a thrift store

Let's say you need 4 of these. So $4.00

White Acrylic Paint

$1.20 at Hobby Lobby


$3.99 yd. at Joann's

You'll only need a quarter of a yard which is about $1.00


Stencils $2.09 at Hobby Lobby


$1.00 at Dollar Tree

Grand Total of $9.00

Step 1. Paint your mason jars. You'll need to apply 3 coats for good solid color. Allow them to dry. Then distress them.

Step 2. Cut a band of burlap to go around your mason jars. Simply decide how large you'd like your burlap to be, then fold the fabric really good - unfold and cut.

Step 3. Now stencil FALL onto each piece of burlap that you've cut for each mason jar. Simply hold down each stencil and paint it white. Allow to dry.

Step 4. Take one of your pieces of burlap and glue it to one of your mason jars with a bit of hot glue. Simply run a bead of hot glue down one edge of your burlap, place around your mason jar and place the edge with glue over the other edge.

Step 5. Cut a piece of twine and tie it around the top of your mason jars.

For this project, you'll need 3 different colors of acrylic paint. Each costing $1.20 at Hobby Lobby.

Now repeat Steps 1 and 5 above.

Pinecones we all know are free for the taking.


First you'll want to get some glasses. These are from the Dollar Tree.

Step 1. Print the image you would like. I googled "watercolor pumpkins."

Step 2. Trim your image.

Step 3. Apply the packing tape…whatever is white will be transparent. Just lie your image down and center the packing tape over it evenly and press. Then cut the tape.

Step 4. Now it is time to burnish it…make sure to press heavily over the entire space. Go over it a few times to be sure…from corner to corner…end to end to insure a great finished product.

Step 5. Now get yourself a bowl with very warm water in it and place your packing tape burnished image into the bowl and allow to soak about 2-3 minutes.

Step 6. Then remove it from the bowl and place it in between your thumb and index finger, placing onto your glass. Begin to rub back and forth with force…you will see the paper coming off…continue to dip it into the water and keep working it till all the white is off. DO NOT WORRY about the sticky side…it will be just like new when it dries. Also there might be a tiny bit of white residue on your tape…that too is ok : )

So as you can see my friends, these products being sold aren't worth the money their asking. You've seen for yourself that these projects cost pennies, AND you have enough materials to make plenty more.

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