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Applying Furniture Transfers

Applying Furniture Transfers

by the Graphics Fairy

I want you to keep a few things in mind here. This transfer process is just for furniture, however there are many of other transfer methods for other types of surfaces, like glass, fabric and small one's for home decor.

Just think of all the things around your home that you could add a transfer to - back of an older dining chair, canisters, recycle bottles with french sayings and use for vinegar or other dressings.

Step 1. Visit The Graphics for hundreds of images that you can print onto 8 1/2 x 11 paper or a piece of tabloid paper which is a bit larger.

To enlarge your transfers, you can use a photo editing service called like seen below.

Step 2. First open

Step 3. Proceed to Step 1

Step 4 - Decide how many sheets of paper you would like the image to be spread out on. (You can lay out blank pages on your project and see how many you would like to use, according to the size that you desire.). Then use the arrow keys to change the number of pages. And select Portrait or Landscape and you will see the measurements on the screen. When you like the size that you see, click continue.

Step 5 - Print out your pages!!! Yay! Now you have a large image that you can use for your transfer. (Of course you can also make Posters for your Walls too!)

Materials you'll need -

  • Light colored pastel stick
  • Ball point pen
  • Painters tape
  • A small round brush (approximately a 1/4") & black paint 
  • Clear sealant

Step 6 - Instructions:

  1. Rub the chalk stick all over the back of your transfer and tap off any excess
  2. Tape in place
  3. Use a ball point pen to trace over your transfer
  4. Paint between the lines
  5. After dry, rub off any excess chalk

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