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Best Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

November 6, 2019

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A very happy Wednesday to you my Friends!

I'm so excited to be here today, getting an early start with Christmas decor and sharing the Best Farmhouse Christmas Stockings with you.

Different styles and materials

I'm sure you've had your fair-share of seeing millions of different Christmas Stockings throughout you life because each year there's something new. New fabrics being used - new decorations used - new styles, etc.

I don't have anything against all of these stockings. But this year I thought we'd keep them simple. And what's simple to me is thrifting and recycling materials that are there for us to have.

Here are some Christmas Stockings made from recycled sweaters.

And more recycled sweater Stockings!

I think these are absolutely gorgeous and would love to show you how to make some.

Step 1. Hit your closet or stop by a thrift store for a large sweater. I wanted a cable knit and spent $3.99 on mine. Unfortunately I don’t have any old sweaters laying around. We left them all in Buffalo when we moved. If you need one…there will be plenty at the thrift stores.

Step 2. Launder your sweater(s) unless they are wool. If you’re like me you probably needed to run a load through anyway. Kill two birds with one stone.

Step 3. Layout your freshly laundered sweater on a cutting board or table inside out and study the sweater. My goal was to get two stockings from one sweater. Where can you get a beautiful heavy cotton cable knit stocking for just $2.00?

Step 4. Either set up the sewing machine, or use the hot glue method that we love instead of sewing.

It’s helpful to have some straight pins and heavy duty scissors, too.

Step 5. Draw a pattern out of kraft paper or wrapping paper. That was the tricky part. Figuring out the shape so that I could maximize my sweater and still have a nicely shaped stocking.

If you'd like to make stockings with cuffs to them, draw a pattern similar to this - the entire stocking.

Step 6. Lay the pattern on the sweater as you would like it…and pin it down.   The toe of my stocking actually was part of the sleeve and the ribbing became the cuff for my stocking.   Also the back of my sweater had a simple pattern which created additional interest.  I could have cut a stocking just from either the fronts or the backs.  Be creative.

Step 7. You have a big choice to make now. Cut through one layer of sweater or two. I rolled up my sleeves…flexed my muscles and cut two.

Step 8. Unpin the pattern from the cut stockings and pin the stockings together without disturbing them. Make sure the tops match perfectly. Details!!

Step 9. Sew up the stockings together. Be sure to sew in about a half an inch…it seems like a lot…trust me. You can trim it back when you’re finished…carefully. I used a fairly long stitch.

Shared by Tailee's Designs


Simply lay the two pieces of one stocking facing together.

Then very simply, start at the top of one piece and run a bead of hot glue down. Go back over this with your hot glue gun and spread this out really well.

Then lay the other piece down over this.

Continue doing this on the three sides of your stocking.

Once dry, turn inside out.

If you decide to add a cuff to your stocking with a material like fur...

First place your pattern next to your sweater stocking to see where the cuff will go. Then place pins across you sweater stocking to guide you to where the cuff will be glued.

Cut off the cuff on your pattern to use.

Pin this onto your fur and cut out.

Do the same as we did above, simply place glue all around the cuff and glue to the top of your stocking.

Did you know that you can make flannel Christmas Stockings too?

Rather than getting sweaters, just buy large flannel shirts. Then the rest is done the same as above.

You can also make fur Christmas Stockings

Same thing that we've been doing above - only with fur. You could use a piece of sweater, flannel or a neutral duck cotton for the cuff.

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