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Best Joy Christmas Decorations

Friday 11/23/2018

This is just to get you feeling cozy to make all of these wonderful DIY's

This is my favorite of my "Best Joy Christmas Decorations" and I think it's because of the red with the natural twine. You could also paint the letters and heart in white if you chose.

Simply starting at the top of the vase, paint a generous amount of white glue down the bottle, then wind the twine down - place some more glue and continue winding the twine. You don't have to do the bottom unless you want to.

Don't you just love this pillow? I absolutely do. Just simply purchase a flannel or fleece winter plaid pillow - this one's from Target - then use iron on letters to spell "joy".

This is another favorite. I love the grey and white with the gold and natural grape vine wreath. These are all the materials you'll need.

Another favorite....these size frames are wonderful if you have a large tree, otherwise I would buy smaller one's with the wood letters to fit them. Oh...your also going to need 4" x whatever the bolt is of burlap.

Start with removing the glass on your frames. Then paint your frames white and allow to dry. Using cardboard you have laying around your house, place one of the pieces of glass on top of it and trace with a pencil - then cut out. Do this for each frame. Then paint the cardboard with white glue and place your burlap over it - trim to the right size. Do this for each frame. If your ornament is larger than the width of the frame, you'll have to hot glue this into your frame by placing a large dab of hot glue into the center of your frame, allow to dry for a second, then place the snowflake on.

Oh my gosh...this is totally something that you could with most of the materials bought at the Dollar Tree - small grape vine wreath, bottle brush trees and maybe a tiny little deer.  As for the cake dish, you could do one of two things - you could use a white plate and a white glass vase, or a glass plate and a glass candle holder. You will need to go to Hobby Lobby for the large letters and glass glue. You'll also need a hot glue gun.

MOST IMPORTANT part of this project is making sure your plate is glued to the vase, or candle holder. Feel the bottom of the vase. If it's somewhat indented in the middle, then run your glue around the outer edge of it and place your plate on top and DO NOT TOUCH.

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