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Can You Just Smell The Outdoors

Wednesday 11/21/2018

And you thought there was nothing to do outdoors in the winter....

Top left - spend an afternoon by yourself cross country skiing and taking in the beauty around you. Top right - now I've never heard of bicycling in the winter but it appears to be a very large sport. Middle left - Try dog sledding and experience snow being thrown up into your face, the beauty surrounding you and the power that they four legged animals bring to your happiness. Middle right - Bring your four legged friend with you for an afternoon of snow shoeing. Bottom left - enjoy the excitement of getting to the top for an afternoon of skiing. Bottom right - if fishings your thing - don't let the ice deter you from your favorite activity.

Top - everyone knows that there's nothing like making your first snowman of the year. Middle - skating. Not that I can do this, but for those that can - it's such a beautiful sport. Just relaxing and gliding on the ice. Bottom - Try a horse drawn sleigh ride this year. I'm sure it's simply magical.

A peak at the gorgeous DIY projects

Of course all of them are incredibly easy and today, I'm sharing a bit of the outdoors with you that you can have indoors for the winter season.

Just visit the Can You Just Smell The Outdoors DIY blog.

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