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Thursday French Country Decor

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These one-of-a-kind furniture makeovers prove it's possible to inject personality into orphaned furniture simply with a fresh coat of paint.

With Craigslist, thrift stores, rummage sales, flea markets, and more, there's no shortage of secondhand furniture on the market. With the right eye, you can easily turn someone else's trash into your French Country chic treasure.

Like seen here with this headboard. Craigslist find simply refinished with grey paint and the detailing accented with gold paint.

How much would you love to have this in your dining room? A gorgeous, rather simple hardwood antique hutch that will last your entire life-time I can promise you. This piece was probably picked up for $40.00 I would say with having done a lot of antique buying on Craigslist myself.

With a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware that's painted white as well, you have a new French Country piece for your dining room. Just think about what a new piece like this would cost you!

Desks like this are always going out to the curb. There more of a vintage piece being made in the 60's and 70's, but there still hardwood and that's what you want. Think of how much better it would feel to sit at a hardwood desk opposed to a press-wood desk.

And as you can see, a simple coat of paint with new hardware is all it needed. Certainly a Saturday afternoon project.

These dressers can be pricey depending on who's selling them. But there's still one's that you can pick up for a song because some people don't know what their selling and you can be the one to take advantage of this.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box adds a whole new life to a piece such as this.

Again, a 60's or 70's piece that became a whole new piece of furniture simply by pulling out the drawers and adding doors to it. You'll still have the separate compartments where the drawers are, but you could simply cut pieces of wood to sit on each to use as shelves instead.

Gorgeous antique piece that desperately needed a little TLC and given it as seen in this gorgeous French Country sideboard.

One of the beautiful things about buying antique, or vintage pieces is that your buying something that can't be bought in stores. It's a one of a kind piece for your home. Yes it may need a lot to give it a new life, but think about the end result and how gorgeous it's going to be in your home.

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