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Chandelier with Old World Finish

August 19, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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You probably have gorgeous chandeliers in your home right now that you're in no rush to replace. However when it does come time to replace them, I'd like to show you a finish that you can do yourself on a very inexpensive brass chandelier.

First, purchase an inexpensive brass chandelier. A good place to look is at your local Habitat for Humanity.

Next, we'll begin making the Old World finish for it.


  • All-Purpose Joint Compound
  • Medium-grit sandpaper
  • Flat Light Grey Latex paint (in sample size)
  • Flat White Latex paint (in sample size)
  • Dark Stain
  • Chip Brushes
  • Clear Satin Spray Finish

Start by sanding the entire chandelier to remove the shiny finish.

Then apply a dark stain to the entire chandelier with a chip brush. Start with turning the chandelier upside down and applying the stain, then turn right side up and finish applying the stain. As it dries, fan out the drips with your brush. Allow to dry over night because it's an oil based stain.

Now with the stain completely dry, you'll apply All Purpose Joint Compound all over the chandelier with a chip brush. You'll pounce it on rather than brushing it. After you have the chandelier completely covered with this, allow to completely dry.

You'll now paint your chandelier in a flat light grey latex paint. Now you can simply purchase a sample size of barely grey paint from Home Depot. Once you've painted this color on, allow to completely dry.

Finally, begin distressing the chandelier with your medium grit sandpaper - breaking through the grey paint and revealing the dark stain in some areas, in other areas you'll break through the grey paint and stain to reveal the original brass finish. Because your using sandpaper, this will burnish the brass allowing it to complement your final finish.

I've been working with these finishes for over 30 years. My instructions here are for a light grey finish like seen here, however you can use whatever color you'd like to use.

Like seen here with these blue finishes. You could easily create these finishes on your chandelier. For the one on the left, you'd simply use a medium shade of postal blue rather than grey. For the one on the right, you'd use a medium turquoise shade of blue rather than grey.

So use whatever color that's going to work with your decor.

Now that your finished with the new finish on your chandelier, seal it with your clear spray satin finish.

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