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Christmas Gifts

Tuesday 12/4/2018

I hope you enjoy all of these unique gifts as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you. We still have a few weeks left if you decide to do a DIY project.

All of these gorgeous gifts are presented from Ballard Designs. Their gifts that anyone would want to have, but for you...I think you can do better with the price in making them yourself. If your looking to give a truly unique gift - just think outside the box when shopping.

Think about their home - their style. What color looks the best on them? So you got hand towels on sale, so you have extra money to buy them a really unique hand towel holder and iron-on letters to monogram the towels. Your loved one enjoys a cocktail every day, paint your own glasses with a paint pen with simple polka-dots.

I've collaborated all of these gifts from Walmart. There all very affordable and so much so, you could mix them with other gifts to make a gift basket of sorts.

The beautiful white hand towels you could easily monogram with iron on letters and give them as a gift with a hand towel bar.

The beautiful set of 4 white square dishes are perfect as soap dishes and you could give these as a gift with some hand made soap.

These gorgeous blankets are not wool or flannel, but rather a cotton blend that are so sumptuous. Buy some of this oversized plaid fabric and make your own so simply.

Simply determine the size of the blanket you'd like and buy the fabric for it. Buy fabric that's machine washable. Lay the fabric out flat and simply cut the ends of the fabric to make fringes. Clearly try to get each cut the same size. That's it.

This is all you need to make these gorgeous throw blankets

This is one of the easiest projects ever. Simply buy a set of champagne glasses from the Dollar Tree and a gold paint pen, or Sharpie from Hobby Lobby and get creative.

Aren't these gorgeous. Make them simply buy purchasing these birch wood discs from the Hobby Lobby, as well as white and gold acrylic paint and clear coat.

First paint the edges in gold and allow to dry. You may need to paint a second coat. Then paint the top and bottoms in white and allow to dry. Again, you may need to second coat. After your coasters are painted and dry, place them on a piece of cardboard and take outside to clear coat them - then bring back inside immediately.

Who wouldn't want to have this beautiful garland on their tree, I certainly would. Make or buy your own garland to give as a gift. The gorgeous beaded trim that's sold by the yard, you can purchase 6' of.

So Ballard's is selling a 10' string of these battery operated lights for $30.00. Do you know that you can buy these at the Dollar Tree? Not for 10' - certainly shorter, but who needs 10' of lights?

My infamous pine cone kissing balls and I say this because I've made hundreds of these. Make a few of your own the size of ornaments very simply, although a little time consuming to give as a gift.

I almost feel foolish writing how to do this. These are just hot gluing tiny pine cones onto a styrofoam ball with a string for hanging.

I was so - so excited that I was able to recreate this beautiful little master piece for you. You could either wrap burlap around the pot, or drill a hole into the center of the sled, remove the tree from the pot and stick the stem into the hole. How gorgeous is this and quite the gift to be giving.

These are bisque ornaments and can easily be replicated. This project will take you two days to make. First, paint your reindeer with joint compound that's been watered down slightly and allow to dry over night. Then paint them in your white acrylic paint. I have a reindeer wood decorative piece and also a reindeer ornament made of plastic. Painting them with the joint compound will make them appear that their made of bisque and will make them slightly heavier.

These are an assortment of ornaments from Hobby Lobby that I thought were fun and would make great gifts for someone that they'd be appropriate for. There's a lot more of these types of ornaments as well. My thought was to paint whichever one you chose in gold, add a beautiful hangar and tiny bow on the bottom of the hangar.

These are wood signs from Hobby Lobby that you could simply paint to give as a gift. You know what they like, so paint the sign according to their style. Are they super contemporary, then simply paint in gold. Are they farmhouse or shabby chic, paint it in white and distress a bit. These are very inexpensive, but a nice size to hang on a wall.

Vintage door made into wall art. You could purchase a vintage cabinet door at Habitat for Humanity and refinish it. Add a vintage transfer and pull handle.

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