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Christmas Thrift Store Frames

December 18, 2019

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Christmas Thrift Store Frames

So I've recently been thinking about all the frames I've purchased from my local Goodwill store and if I still had them, like they were when I purchased them - would I do something for Christmas?

After seeing these ideas, I'd certainly do something with my frames.

Because I've bought frames from Goodwill, I will tell you that there something you have to pay attention to. There's usually lot's of really large frames with painted artwork from maybe the 70's and these frames are usually solid wood. I've also seen 8 1/2" x 11" frames that are solid wood as well. So make sure the frames you purchase are in fact wood, because there much simpler to refinish than plastic.

Here are some beautiful ways that you can use thrift store frames this year to decorate your home.

I found these to be beautiful because there so simple with the white distressed frames and the white lettering on burlap.

So really simply, paint your frames with white latex paint. Just pick up a sample size of flat white paint from Home Depot. Then when dry, distress them to bring through the wood finish.

Also purchase enough burlap to fit into the frames simply by measuring the glass, or take it with you. You'll also need large letter stencils to fit the size frames you have. Now cut the burlap to the size of the glass and put back into the frames. Then tape your letter stencils onto the burlap and pounce white acrylic paint over them. Find a snowflake at the Dollar Tree to spell "JOY".

Here's another simple one. Create a Christmas saying on your computer using different fonts and then print. Then place on the cardboard on the back of the frame and put back into the frame.

This would be beautiful if you're able to find a large frame and a smaller frame that fits inside. Then purchase a pine garland and a green ribbon that you love from Hobby Lobby and a miniature house from the Dollar Tree that you can paint white.

Paint both of your frames with white latex paint and allow to dry. Then use a lot of hot glue on the back of the pine garland and hold onto the frame till it dries completely. If you need to, add additional hot glue to it. Take a piece of ribbon, run it up through the small frame to the top of the large frame and hold into place with a dab of hot glue. Now make a bow and hot glue it to the bottom of the piece of ribbon and hot glue your little house like seen here.

How sweet is this? And you can write whatever you'd like for Christmas.

Get a piece of foam core board and chalk at the Dollar Tree. Also get black acrylic paint. Because we're just making these for Christmas, there's no need to spend the money in getting chalkboard paint.

Cut the foam core board to the size of your frame, just lay the glass on and trace. Then paint the piece with black acrylic paint - you may need several coats. Once dry, place into your frame and write whatever you'd like for the holiday.

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