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Coffee Table Styling

August 22, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

A Coffee Table is far more than just a table to put your lovely coffee mug on. Agree? For me it is the little island in your living room to express your style and current mood, to be inspired or relaxed, entertained or dreamy.

Step 1. Start with a Tray

All the smaller decorative pieces will always look organized and styled when put on the tray rather then just looking like a bunch of stuff that hasn't been put away. For a bigger table use a couple of trays, use different shapes and colors, to compliment your overall room decor.

Step 2. Stack Some Books

Step 2. Stack some Books

Use an odd number and try to use books with interesting covers, or books with all the same color.

Play around with the composition of your books. Maybe you'd like several stacks of 2 or 3 across your coffee table. Or maybe you'd like one larger stack. Remember, we'll be adding additional things to these.

Step 3. Add Color or Greenery

Plants and flowers are gorgeous living touches to complement your decor. They add some organic beauty and soothing natural elements. The best part with flowers bouquets - they are changed regularly thus bringing always something new for your eyes to be entertained and admired with.

Just a vase with some cut greenery is perfect.

Step 4. Varying Heights

Add a tall vase, a short but wide bowl. Use candlesticks of different height. If everything is the same height it will look to flat, so play with heights and have some fun.

Extra large vases give your table the glamorous feeling it needs. It won’t look out of place, just add some flowers and you’re done! Add a large candle to give it some balance and some small decorations. Your table will be photo ready! On this next table set-up, I decided to divide it in five parts.

Step 5. Add an Odd Item

Put something that is different, irregular shape or unusual. Add some interest and a little magic.

Step 6. Add Your Love

Remember: everything you do, do it with love. Put on your coffee table a personal item, that brings you good memories and positive vibes. You will be surprised how a small meaningful piece could tune up your mood!

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