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Contemporary Interiors

February 20, 2002 By Taina Laraba

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Contemporary Interiors

Thank you so much for being here today my Friends! As you all might have guessed, contemporary design is not one of my loves - reason for why I don't write a lot about it.

HOWEVER, I took time in hunting these down for you and started to become inspired by what I was seeing - I'll share this with you below.

So what's the first thing you think when hearing Contemporary?

Clean lines everywhere and very minimalized.

Your partially right. In any contemporary interior photo you'll see the same thing - clean lines and clean surfaces. It's just the way of living with this style.

One of the things that inspired me was the use of different textures. I love - love - love using different textures in whatever I'm designing.

With contemporary style, you could use a leather sofa, wood coffee table and end tables (as long as their not the same), metal lighting (even in your bedroom and living room), plush faux fur blanket tossed on the back of your sofa, glass doors on a bookcase or built in with minimalist etching.

You might want to watch it - I'm really gaining tons of inspiration here!

First let me say that I don't like these wide open windows with the next house maybe 2 feet away.

My favorite things here are the black metal faucets, towel bars and shower head.

You could recreate a bathroom like this in using all black accessories. I found a cabinet very similar at Home Depot for only $140.00.

This is almost identical to the one in the inspirational photo.

Don't ever forget that using color is perfectly fine in contemporary style.

Like seen here. How gorgeous is this sitting area? Beautifully upholstered pink chairs with gold metal arms. Some sort of a gold metal coffee table - sort of looks like a desk to me.

Create a space like this on your own in using either a large (dark wood) buffet, or at least 3 side tables, large contemporary style area rug and gorgeous large contemporary style artwork for over your buffet, or several rectangular pieces over your side tables.

My inspired pieces here are the pink chairs. It's kind of funny because I just ordered a pink chair for my desk and work table.

How about this gorgeous shade of blue perfectly place in between two walls. You could do the same thing, only anchoring it with two side chairs.

My inspiration here comes from the wall gallery.

You could create an area in your home with a gallery wall like this.

Side Note: Hobby Lobby has 40% off sales on all their frames.

I love - love - love this space. I love everything in it.

You can recreate this space quite easily, that is if you want to spend a little money.

Look at all the goodies I've found for you!

I found this scrumptious chandelier at Amazon for only $140.00. Isn't it amazing?

And would you look at this gorgeous coffee table.

This beauty is on Amazon for only $128.00

The black cabinet in the inspiration photo is a mid-century piece. True mid-century furniture can be found almost anywhere when thrifting and the one in the photo is black - not something that you would see on a true vintage piece.

I've done a lot of combing through the pages on Amazon and have found two that I think you'll like.

How about this one, two open sides with two drawers. This piece is $111.00 in Amazon.

Or this one with two doors on the left, with an open area and one drawer on the right. I love the price of this - only $114.00.

Either of these cabinets are perfect in recreating this space.

I'm bouncing on my seat right now! Can you believe I found pink velvet stools almost identical to these?

So what do you think? Pretty good is how I'm feeling right now.

This is a really good start for you to begin creating this space. I'll let you choose a green velvet sofa that you love.

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