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Create Your French Country Bedroom


We're creating a french country bedroom step-by-step that I'm hoping will inspire you to create your own. This is put together using my years of expertise in designing, and hopefully you'll feel like I'm your own personal designer along the way.

1. Inspiration Boards are a great thing to create with all the things you love. They can be big or small. They can have quotes that inspire you and photo's of the ones you love. You can even attach three-dimensional things to it. It's your board to do what you want to with.

  • Buy a piece of white foam core board (at the Dollar Tree)
  • Begin collecting photo's of everything you love with a bedroom - beds, night stands, dressers, area rugs, home decor, bedding, chandelier and artwork.  If you'd love to have a side chair for reading, or a desk in your bedroom - than include photo's of these as well on your inspiration board.

Here's an inspiration board that Stephanie Lynn put together with everything she'd like to see in her bedroom. The bed, bedding, night stands, vanity, arm chairs and side table, and she's even thrown in a photo of the type of throw pillows she'd like to use.

This is just a collection of your ideas. Nothing is set in stone. So feel free to remove things if you feel like it.

2. Make a Floor Plan

What is a floor plan? A floor plan is an aerial view of your bedroom.

Simply take a standard size piece of paper and draw a rectangle on it (this is your bedroom). Now show where the doors, closets and windows are.

In this photo, there's a door going in and out of the room and these are shown on the bottom. There's also two windows on the right wall.

Notice the measurements in the bottom left corner? This is how floor plans are usually drawn and than the furniture that is placed inside of it is also drawn to scale. This way you know that everything's going to fit within the space.

However for our purposes, we're going to do a lot of eye-balling and I'll show you what I mean by this in a bit.

This is a floor plan with the furniture drawn into it.

2. What I'd like you to do is print this photo out and cut out the different furniture pieces.

There's a bed, two night stands, a dresser and desk on the left wall. Windows on the right wall. A chaise lounge and another dresser on the bottom wall.

3. Now you'll take your pieces of furniture and start playing with them.

find an arrangement that you really like, let it sit for a few days and then go back to it. Sometimes when you let time intertwine with what your doing, new ideas will come up. Begin rearranging your bedroom in ways that you think you might like it.

Once you have an arrangement that you absolutely love, tape your pieces of furniture down.

4. Now rearrange your existing furniture to look like this new arrangement.

If you decide that you don't like it now with the furniture moved, then go back to the drawing board and try some new arrangements.

All designers rearrange rooms quite a few times till they've reached the perfect arrangement for the space.

Your bedroom paint color is going to be an open canvas for us to create.

As you can see, all of these barely white paints have a hint of an actual color. Some have grey- yellow - pink - brown - green.

When you've chosen some colors that you like, pickup six of each color. Tape each color together and tape to the wall and leave it up for a few days, looking at it during the day and at night, because the color will definitely change.

5. Once you've selected the color your in love with, tape it to your inspiration board.

Before even thinking about furniture, I'd like to concentrate on the area rug now. The reason for doing this now is because we've got a really good idea as to what we'll be adding for furniture and accessories, and we've chosen our wall color. Before moving in any furniture, I think it's a good idea to have your area rug laid down in the area it's going.

Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, adding an area rug under the bed is a good idea because it's "grounding" the sleeping area. Also if you've decided to have a seating area, you'll want to buy a small area rug for this as well.

Area rugs define spaces.

This ultimately is going to be your choice, but the area rugs that I love now are the one's that look aged. There so gorgeous and come in different colors.

6. Once you've purchased your area rug, roll it up and place it against the foot of your existing bed.

7. Now it's time to remove your existing furniture. If you have a truck, then load it up and make a Goodwill donation. If you don't have a truck, you can rent a pickup truck from UHaul for not a lot of money for the afternoon.

8. Now it's time to paint your room.

This is the funniest moment, it's furniture time and time to get out your inspiration board.

First let me say that I don't want you buying on impulse. I can guarantee that wherever you find what your looking for, it's less expensive some place else. For example if your shopping in a furniture store, you'll find something very similar on Wayfair for much less money.

9. Start with your bed. Once you get it home, unroll your area rug and put it in it's place.

Do you love it with your wall color and the area rug? Maybe it's changing your mind on what kind of night stands you'd like to get. This is ok, that's why you created your inspiration board. Look at it to see if there's something else that you'd like instead.

10. Now it's time to purchase your night stands. Once you get your night stands, put them in place and be blown away with your new sleeping area. Well you do still need to load up the bed with all the gorgeous bedding you'll be getting.

11. Finally, it's time to purchase your dressers.

Live with your new bedroom for a couple weeks. Maybe you initially thought of having a seating area, or desk. Think about if you'd still like either one of these. If so, purchase the furniture.

I absolutely loved working on your new bedroom with you. I hope that I was able to show you how simple it is and possibly it's inspired you on the next room you'd like to redecorate.

Visit our Decorating 101 post for ideas on how to decorate your new gorgeous bedroom.

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