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Creating A Gorgeous Apartment

March 9, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Creating a Gorgeous Apartment

So maybe your moving into either your first apartment, or moving to a different one - or better yet, already live in one.

Living in an apartment is no different than living in a home and here's why...

An apartment is comprised of various 4 wall rooms (just like a home), floors throughout (just like a home), wiring in the ceiling and walls (just like a home), neutral colored walls (just like a home), room for the things you love (just like a home).

So with this said, why shouldn't you live in an apartment? Maybe you have no interest in owning a home and dealing with all the house repairs, your more comfortable living close to other people, you like a smaller home.

Irregardless of what the reasoning is, this is your home now. Today we'll talk about making your home absolutely gorgeous (if it's not already).

Your Living Room

This is a very functional and beautiful way of arranging furniture in a small living room. Remember - you only need 19" to comfortably move around furniture. So this gives you ample room to have multiple pieces of furniture in your living room. I love how they've taken advantage of incorporating seating in front of the window. You could do something like this easily by simply adding a bench in front of a window, with a cushion and accent pillows. A coffee table should be kept slender for ease of moving around it. Using either book shelves that are not very deep - like 9", or shelves stacked one over the other is a wonderful way of adding storage to this space.

Use what you have if the pieces aren't large and over stuffed. If they are, then buy the dominant pieces as you can - couch or sofa - side chairs - coffee table - area rug.

I love this style sofa in a small space because it gives the illusion that the space is larger than it is and this is because of the chaise at the end. I also love the use of shelving and this is what I was talking about. Notice the floor lamp here that is a must have in a small living room. They not only provide sufficient lighting for things like reading, but depending on the shade style, can also provide a lot of lighting to the overall space.

If your buying new furniture, think about luxurious fabric - like velvet. Even if it's "faux" velvet, it's going to add a lot of glamour - luxury and welcoming effect to this space. Accentuate a gorgeous piece like this with contrasting decorative pillows.

If you have a very small apartment, consider buying a sofa that pulls out into a bed. A side table becomes your night stand, a narrow book case provides storage for shoes, etc. and two bookcases with a tension rod in between provides room to hang clothing. This is something you could easily cover with an additional tension rod in front of your clothing to put a

curtain on. The curtain should be the same color as your walls or very close.

Here's another gorgeous style couch to consider. This provides plenty of space for guests without feeling cramped. I especially love the round coffee table with this style couch.

Here's another sofa with a chaise on the end. Notice how the draperies here are practically the same color as the walls diverting any attention away from the window with focus on the furnishings and accessories.

I love how they've used a grounded color palette of grey with accents in gold and yellow. Using empowering pops of color like this is one way to divert attention to the specific area. When one walks in, their eyes immediately go to this sitting area rather than focusing on the size of the space.

Take advantage of windows for additional seating

Use floor lamps

Add tiered shelving on the walls, or narrow bookcases

Have an area rug

Use furniture with a hint of luxury

Use a narrow coffee table

Use a sofa or couch with additional seating in a chaise

Your Kitchen

This is referred to as a galley kitchen and these are very common not only in apartments, but also in many homes. This style kitchen typically offers room enough for one person to work within it, but if large enough in width, adding a counter like this with a few stools would be perfect for guests while your preparing dinner.

This is a common style kitchen in apartments because the living room is almost always on the other side, making for open living. What I love about this style of kitchen is the peninsula where you could add a few stools, in addition to there possibly being an open window just beyond this space for a small dining table.

Yes - this is an apartment, but it's also your home - so make it feel this way. Take advantage of the power in the ceiling for adding pendants such as these. Also consider adding shelving over your cabinets for your favorite kitchen like things like vintage milk glass, or a stack of your favorite white bowls. Lean a small old wood step stool against a wall to easily take down these pieces to use. Hang your favorite kitchen style pieces in this space to really make it feel like home.

I love this idea if you don't have a lot of counter space. A piece like this would be perfect if you have a little bit more room in your living room. Add appliances like this to it, just make sure there's an outlet to plug them into and add an electrical strip for the different appliances.

This is a wonderful example of how to use shelves in your kitchen. Doing something like this could substitute having a piece in your living room for storing all of your smaller appliances. Just take them down when you need them. If you have enough room, absolutely take advantage of it with shelves going from wall to wall.

Eat-In Dining

If your lucky enough to have a galley kitchen that's slightly wider than most with a window at the end, take advantage of this space with a small bench and a small bistro table. Absolutely perfect for dining. So you have multiple friends over a lot, keep a couple folding chairs against a wall to pull out when they come over.

Neutral window treatments are almost a necessity in apartment living because they act almost as a wall for placing other things of interest in front of them like here with the seating, or a luxurious sofa.

If you have space for a dining table, think of ways of getting creative with it to fit your style. Don't just opt for the store bought wood, or metal one. If you find a piece that you love, other than the color - than simply paint it. Chairs as well. Remember - this is your home - so make it feel this way. Don't ever fray away from something just because you live in an apartment.

THE ONLY THINGS YOU CAN'T CHANGE - the wall colors - the flooring - where the walls are and the cabinets and appliances.

THESE ARE ALL THINGS that would be in your house as well and many people just move in and live with them for years.

I love this idea for your kitchen with the super small bistro table and two ample seating chairs. The chairs look larger than the table! Just use the space you have.

Many times when one lives in an apartment, they need to think outside the box. This means not just walking into a galley kitchen and thinking of how narrow it is, but rather looking for the available wall space and small floor print.

When you begin thinking this way, you'll be very surprised in how much more room there is than initially thought.

Your Bedroom

Now this is a space where you really need to make it yours. Either before you move in (after seeing the apartment) or once you move in (and have all of your furniture), devote a lot of time in thinking about your bedroom. Not only is this where you'll lay your head at night, but could also be the place where you lay your head back to gain lot's of inspiration for things you'd like to do.

Just envision your bed placed in this space with nothing else. Think about the floor space that's left and all of the wall space. What are your favorite things in life? What are your favorite colors? What kind of lighting do you love? What kind of furniture do you love?

All of these things can be brought into your bedroom.

You love antique furniture, so look for really small side tables to use as night stands. There's a few colors that your always drawn towards, display these and the things you love in life in decorative pieces on shelves placed above your bed and a few on the sides of your bed. You love crystal chandeliers - then take down the existing light (and place someplace safe) and hang this in your bedroom.

Placing your entire bed in front of a window is something not everyone can do, so consider yourself special!

Your bedroom is the perfect place (other than your living room) to use a small desk form. Not a lot of space is needed for this and you could even use a couple l-brackets with a piece of wood on top like shown here. If doing something like this, consider what you could use for storage underneath and placing the chair to the side.

Maybe you live in a studio apartment that's one large room. Why not define your bedroom? I love this idea of placing structural pieces to define this space, but you could also use sheer curtains to define this space that would be gorgeous. Notice the crystal ceiling light here.

Consider using night stands that are also places for storage. If you love antiques and pick up a few rectangular tables on legs, consider using a medium size basket underneath for storage.

Maybe you only have room for a daybed that pulls out into a regular bed. This is perfectly fine. Now you probably don't want to use this as a couch for guests to sit on, unless you live in a studio apartment, so let this be a space where you day dream. Kick your feet up in the comfort of all your books surrounding you and let your mind wonder.

Think about adding wall sconces for adequate lighting for reading or sketching.

Your Bath

Here's a very typical style bathroom with the toilet in between the vanity and shower. So we'll work with what we have. A vanity light came with the apartment, but that doesn't mean that you need to leave it. If it doesn't necessarily fit your style, then find one that does and replace it (keeping the original one in a safe place). How much wall space do you have over the toilet? Maximize the shelving in this one small area.

Using shelving in your shower like this is wonderful for all of your different soaps, body washes and shampoos. These typically hang with suction cups and this is perfectly fine - just don't overload them with weight.

What I love about this bath is that it's very simple - bath, vanity and toilet - but it has a lot of drama in it. Consider using an arched shower curtain rod like this and a large organic oval mirror if you can. To very simple things that will change the entire look of this space.

I saved this one for last. Did you ever think about adding a crystal chandelier to your bath? Well you can - it's perfectly fine and looks absolutely gorgeous. A chandelier used here is going to be a very small one called a chandelette, only measuring about 12" wide. So again, simply take down the light that's there and replace it.

One last thing...

Here's what an electrical outlet looks like in a ceiling. The electrical box - the wiring coming out of it and usually a bracket like seen here (the gold piece). The bracket is used for securing the light.

All ceiling lighting will come with a bracket like this.

Replacing any of your ceiling lights is super simple. All lighting has two wires - hot and cold (even a table lamp). When you take down a ceiling light, you'll notice the wiring having caps on them and these connect the light to the electrical in the ceiling. You'll notice which direction the wiring is wrapped, so simply take the cap and twist in the opposite direction to remove it.

Now your ready to hang your new light. Place your new light up, with the wires close to the opening, take one wire and place with one wire coming out of the ceiling - place the cap on them and twist till it stops. Do the same thing with the other wire. Remove the little caps that are on the screws of the bracket, place your new light over them and attach your new little caps on to secure it. Voila - your done and ready to enjoy!

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