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Creating a Rustic French Country


Thursday 11/29/2018

Thursday 11/29/2018

Today we're talking about incorporating rustic charm into your French Country winter season. There's so much to see that's going to inspire you. A lot of different textures because that's what rustic is.

Did you know that Rustic style is similar to French Country style? The primary reason is the aged wood that is loved between the two styles. Either the naturally aged wood furniture, or the wood furniture made to look old.

All this needs is some snow to make it a Rustic French Country Winter. How beautiful are all the antiques used. Looks like your going to have to scourer some thrift stores.

How's your fresh wreath and garland doing? Are they already beginning to look a little weathered?

Making a new fresh pine swag would be gorgeous for the winter season and with all the cold weather, I wouldn't worry about it fading till spring.

Making a fresh pine swag is as simple as gathering a bunch of different types of pine and tieing off the branch sections with wrapping a lot of wire. Then you can sort of pull it apart to fluff it up a bit. Then add a gorgeous bow around the wire and decorate as you'd like.

Look how easy these wood ornaments are to make with a few different unfinished pieces of wood. A few candle stick holders and a few finials. Just glue the finials to the open side of the candle stick holders - then happy painting.

Nothing says welcome to my home than a beautiful place setting when you walk your guests through your dining room. Think simple, using a natural or beige table cloth first, then layering it with white tableware. Add simple candle stick holders and fill simple metal containers, or vases with pink and white roses either fresh or silk.

I love the simplicity of these place settings, especially the centerpiece done simple with fresh pine in a galvanized bucket. These dinner plates are gorgeous, but you can have the same look by using simple white plates. Don't worry about the hand towel and rolled paper on the plates as it's not necessary here. Just put your concentration on the centerpiece. Notice that there's a couple candles in it with two large burlap bows on either side. A simple white table cloth with a burlap table runner in the middle. Love this.

Spectacular pink roses being used again. Pastels are perfect for winter because they break that sharp crisp contrast of all the white. If you can find holly berry, branches of this would be perfect going down the length of your table with either fresh pink roses or silk one's.

Your living room should be super cozy with different types of lighting. A gorgeous crystal chandelier to have on when your expecting guests, table lamps for more subtle light and lot's of candles for a more intimate surrounding. Mix your candle holders with fresh pine cones and a miniature tree.

If you have a super light and bright living room - enjoy it. Enjoy all the sunshine that floods it. Enhance this space with pops of green spread throughout in wreaths, miniature trees and pine sprigs.

If your one of those lucky one's that have a fireplace mantel, these are for you.

I love the super simplicity of this one in all white. They've used a lot of pinecones both in the bowl, as well as making garland.

I love this one. It's January, but yet has nothing to do with Christmas - not a hint of it. It's as if they've just continued on with their lives after the holiday. I love the chalkboard with the old metal frame and the repurposed chicken wire memo board. Then they added very subtle color in the greenish glass vases.

How gorgeous is this one? Just look at all of the different textures happening. The miniature trees, the birch logs, the books, the birch candle holders, the pine cones, the natural twig wreath - all so gorgeous.

Don't you love this mirror? I've seen a lot of these done in DIY sections on Pinterest. One they used paint sticks. I love it with the dark wood fireplace mantel, then all the white decor - simply beautiful.

I'm crazy about this one with all the pine used. For a not so large area, they've really managed to incorporate a lot of greenery. Love - love - love the white slip covered sofa.

This is a close up of an area on the mantel above. Here you can see that they've intertwined white into all the greenery and used a bit of metallic on the wreath in silver because of all the antique silverware used on the mantel.

How beautiful is this staircase? The pine garland on the railing with the wreath on the wall - so simple and led lights along each step. There's no fire or electrical accidents waiting to happen here.

For me, there's nothing better than a beautifully created vignette and this is perfect. Very simple, but gorgeous.

Again, this vignette is so beautiful, yet so simply done. You don't need a lot of stuff to create a gorgeous vignette in your home. Just use a few pieces that are similar - like these antique books, antique bust and antique vase with just a touch of the season added.

Another vignette where they've used similar pieces with the urns. Then they carried the aged finish by bringing in the candle holder. A couple gorgeous pastel and metallic ornaments tossed in for the season.

Very simple - could go anywhere. Do the same thing even if you don't have a decorative urn. Use a white ceramic container or sorts.

I love this. They've used a vase with the same finish on it as this gorgeous candle holder. This is what I mean about grouping similar things together - just like I've shown you above.

I love everything about this vignette - everything. What could you learn here? First, how to use a wall along a staircase. The use of multiple mirrors of different size and shapes. The use of different materials, wood, wicker, fabric.

Even in a bathroom you can add a touch of winter with pine.

Some wonderful DIY's for you in this Rustic French Country Winter we're having here.

I wanted to add this because it's so simple. No our new pitcher doesn't have writing on it, but don't forget about the simple decals that you can easily add.

If your interested in vintage decals, or French decals - visit The Graphics Fairy.

MATERIALS - White glue, Mod Podge, Sponge Brush, White Cardstock

Far left - paint the white glue over one side of your card stock and allow to dry. Right - print your image onto the side of the card stock that you applied glue to.

Apply Mod Podge to the area on the pitcher where you want the image to be, then turn your cardstock over and lay the image over the area of Mod Podge. Use tape to hold in place tightly. Allow to dry over night. The next day, place your pitcher in water and allow to soak. Then begin removing the cardstock with your fingers. You can use your fingers to remove any excess glue. Voila - your image should appear.

Here's another piece I wanted to share with you. Although this crate is in fact an antique, we can create something similar.

We'll use the same steps above for applying an antique decal, but first we need to paint it in a chippy white finish. MATERIALS - Cooking oil, white and dark brown acrylic paint, paint brush, sand paper, spatula.

Begin with painting the entire tray in the dark brown paint and allow to dry. Now you'll apply some of the cooking oil in various areas. These area are where the brown paint will show through - similar to how you see the wood peaking through the white paint on the antique crate. When your done applying the cooking oil, paint the entire tray with your white paint and allow to dry. You'll notice that the paint is going to seperate from the oil and this is ok. The areas where there's cooking oil will not dry completely, so go based on the rest of the tray for dryness. When the white paint is completely dry, begin going over it with the spatula in the areas where there's cooking oil. The paint will just come off. Do this in all the areas where's there's cooking oil. When done with this, go over the entire tray with a piece of sand paper to blend distressing it into the areas where you applied cooking oil. Voila - your chippy paint finish is done. You'll want to wash it now gently with dawn dish soap to remove the oil. Be careful because this is a water based paint and you'll wash it off. Once your done washing it, apply a clear finish to it.

Oh my gosh - I can't even believe I'm adding this here, but I thought it was super cute and simple. Make some of these to hang in your windows, or to put on your door knobs. Just collect a bunch of larger pine cones and purchase some narrow burlap ribbon and twine. Simply cut a piece of burlap ribbon and tie a simple bow. Take a piece of twin and fold in half, place under the center of your bow and put the cut ends through the loop of the twine and pull tight.

The only reason I've added this is to show you that you can make an arrangement out of anything. How adorable is this for the kitchen. of my favorite things to make - pinecone kissing balls. These would be gorgeous hung in your windows as well, especially with the other pinecone type ornament. The hardest part right now is finding these tiny pine cones. These types of pine cones are usually all over the ground under the trees that they've come from, but there's usually an abundance of pine cones still on the trees that you can simply get. Your going to need a lot of these. Then you'll need some 3" styrofoam balls and a hot glue gun. Just simply hot glue each pine cone onto your styrofoam balls. You'll find a pattern that's easiest for you to work in.

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