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Creating A Winter Home

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Did you think that I forgot all about Winter decor for your home? Believe it or not, I've been thinking about it quite a lot lately. I've been sprinkling bits of winter decor around my home and absolutely love it. All I need now is to make pine cones scented with cinnamon and maybe some pine boiled on the stove.

How about attaching pom-pom fringe to an otherwise warm cozy blanket?

Or a few snowflake pieces of decor the same way we made our snowflake coasters, but with book pages as the background.

And I love the thought of making a beautiful winter sign for my home, probably over my sofa.

Trees! Not the kind with ornaments and ribbon, just simple trees. Flocked or green.

Greenery! Any type of wintery looking greens will do!

Just think about the things you see when going outdoors.

Take a walk in the woods to see what you might find, just be sure to bring a few bags with you.

How gorgeous is this piece of art on the fireplace mantel.

Just purchase wood pallet wall decor similar to these found at Hobby Lobby for $14.99.

Then draw basic house shapes in white chalk.

Then add on to them.

Once your done drawing all of your houses, go over them with a white paint pen.

Don't forget to decorate your front door.

You want your guests to feel welcomed as soon as they arrive at your home.

Winter is all about decorating with white and silver.

Just think about how silver sparkles. The same as a fresh snowfall.

In knowing this, I made new silver mercury glass candle holders to enjoy throughout the winter.

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