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Creating a Winter Wonderland I

Saturday 11/10/2018

If your anything like me - one who's affected by the gloomy weather - than this will brighten your days. Surrounding yourself with fresh greenery. No we're not talking about all the lush gorgeous flowers of summer, but rather greenery for this time of year that is just as beautiful.

Taking a walk out into the woods, or other secluded areas is all part of the fun. Just walking around and seeing all of the different beautiful types of pine is a treat for me and I find myself stopping to break off branches of the different types and before I know it, I need to make a trip to the car.

I do use artificial wreaths in my windows, but there's fresh pine every place else. Just having large bushels of pine throughout my home really changes the mood to being more uplifting.

Think about what you see when looking outside your windows. This is a typical photo for this time of year. This year, buy a few artificial pine garlands and cut them to use on the backs of your artificial wreaths - making them beautiful on the backs as well because this is what you see when glancing towards your windows. Also think about using small bud vases in your window sills with just a fresh sprig of pine. These few elements can really change how you feel when looking out your windows.

Some of you may not be affected at all by the change in weather, but need a change in decor and this is also perfect for doing just that. We're approaching the middle of November and although it hasn't happened yet, snow is just around the corner. So why not start to create your Winter Wonderland now that you can add to as we continue through the cold months.

Use whatever you have around the house to fill with fresh pine - even mittens hung up.

One of my large antique urns filled with fresh pine with the pink hydrangeas.

Fresh pine mixed in with pink cement roses inside this gorgeous antique milk glass vase.

A ton of different pine fills this milk glass antique vase.

Another antique urn filled with fresh pine in with hydrangeas.

Gorgeous mixture of silk hydrangeas and real pine.

Simple branches of fresh pine.

Begin making your Pultz houses and simply painting white for a little contrast against your fresh pine branches and attach a piece of ribbon to hang.

Making gorgeous fresh pine wreaths are a staple to every French Country home in the winter. Believe it or not, there quite simple to make. Visit our Making a Pine Wreath blog.

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