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Creating a Winter Wonderland II

Tuesday 11/27/2018

Tuesday 11/27/2018

I'm sitting here writing this looking outdoors and watching it snow. It's not accumulating, but just watching it fall is so beautiful.

Entryway Winter Wonderland

Now I'll admit that this is a little over the top with the polar bear and deer, but notice what else they've used - the lanterns and somethings telling me that those branches aren't naturally growing where they are - they've been placed there.

Taking the inspiration in using simple branches and lanterns to decorate your front entryway. Just purchase a couple large terracotta pots like seen and fill with snow (now rather than soil) and place a bunch of tree branches. Purchase a few inexpensive lanterns at Ikea and create this ever so welcoming Winter Wonderland for the season inexpensively.

I just love this tree. Not sure what it is about it. You could create the same thing so easily buy purchasing a faux small tree from Ikea and decorating it with burlap ribbon and pinecones just placed into it. Don't forget the white led lights to illuminate it at night.

I'm reminding you of how it's going to begin looking outdoors. This is why we want to use neutrals in decorating indoors. Neutrals include cream, beige, white, silver and gold.

Doesn't this remind you of the outdoors? So simple to make and I think you've got it figured out, but if not - simply buy a beautiful glass container with some white sand and a few plastic snow flakes. All this purchased at the Dollar Tree. Take a walk to see if you can find a few pinecones and the next time your at the grocery store, pick up some cinnamon sticks. So simple, yet so beautiful on a side table or night stand.

A Winter Wonderland in Your Bathroom

Don't feel like you need to transition all of your Christmas decor over to winter decor over night. Allow it to happen naturally. You probably already have what you need. An extra pine garland that you can cut up and use sprigs throughout.

Don't forget to get out and enjoy this crisp cold weather, just bundle up in one of your favorite winter outfits.

Winter Wonderland Bedroom

This is your sanctuary. Use pieces that you already have, like the garland that you currently have over the dining room mirror and use it over your bed. Use that wreath that's on your front door over your bed. Buy miniature pine trees at Ikea to cluster in corners of your bedroom.

Use super lush bedding in layers. So you want to leave the garland over your mirror and the wreath on your front door - perfect. Just add a couple sprigs of pine with a few gold and silver ornaments on your headboard.

So you've got a few rooms transitioned for the winter, take that pup out for a long walk. Maybe you'll find some pinecones for your winter wonderland decor.

Winter Wonderland Dining Room

One of the hubs of the home. Where people gather and dine. Go all out in decorating this room. Use lot's of faux pine in various forms throughout this space - garlands, miniature trees, pine picks. Make a few winter villages to us in different areas. Imagine how spectacular it would be to have one on your dining table.

Winter Wonderland Kitchen

There's so many people who love spending time in their kitchens and should be lavished with bits and pieces of their winter wonderland, as long as it doesn't distract from the cooking and baking. This is the perfect room to use miniature wreaths on your cabinet doors.

Winter Wonderland Living Room

Ahh...another gathering area, yet this one is so plush - devine and cozy. Remove all the Christmas decorations and leave your tree up if you'd like. With the branches spread out with tiny white lights, it's gorgeous for this space. Use tiny bottle brush trees in clusters of three on side tables with a candle. Continue using all that white faux fur because it simply looks cozy.

Use throw blankets and candle holders everywhere. Imagine how this would look at night, everyone's cozy with just candle light.

Don't forget that pastels can act as neutral colors as well.

Look at how gorgeous these trees are just bare with no ornaments. If you have a fresh tree, wait for the incredible sales that will begin happening with 70% Christmas decor and pickup a gorgeous faux tree.

It's Time for some DIY's

I'm going to show you how to create these gorgeous decor pieces that you can use in your windows and on a few side tables and night stands.

When your watching it snow outside, this is what your seeing - a million little snowflakes falling.

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