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Creating French Country Decor

From Old Book Pages

Friday 12/7/2018



Enjoy me while I swoon over this gorgeous French Country decor. Some of these are very simple to recreate and others are a bit time consuming - but so well worth making them.

How many of you have old books? I don't currently have any, but I always look for them at Goodwill which would be a heck of a score. I do use my books for staging small vignettes around my home as it's always been a favorite thing for me to do.

I didn't realize that there were so many creative ideas for using one's that you no longer use. All of these projects would be perfect in decorating your French Country home because old books lend so much to the French Country style.

There were so many ideas that I had to draw the line somewhere or I could have gone on forever with ideas. Of course I don't show everything that I find, it needs to be French Country in style - just like the wreaths that I posted yesterday. Be inspired as you browse through here after you remove the dust, or unpack them from boxes.

I just learned about "junk journals" this year and very soon after learning about these and doing a little research on them, I created my first one with projects that I wanted to do at the time - not sure if I'll still do them.

This is a photo of a "junk journal". These are perfect for anyone who's creative and wants something else for documenting all of their ideas and what they've done. There also a creative way to use as a journal rather then putting your pictures in a photo album. Even though old book pages are used as the bones to the journal, you can still write things on gift tags, a sticky note, or piece of scrapbook paper and gluing it to the page.

Here are a couple examples of a continuous organizer for the things that are special to you. Make one to document the holidays, or your travels. The one on the bottom right is being used as a photo album with a few creative pages added.

Leaving these journals out on your coffee table is one way of adding French Country charm to your space. They'll look like a grouping of old books - only you know what's inside of them.

I went crazy with this idea. It's so gorgeous and creative. All you would need to do is carve out a section in the book. If you want to use real plants, just pour in a small amount of soil with crushed stones on the very bottom to allow for drainage of water. You could also use artificial plants instead that would be just as beautiful.

Aren't these gorgeous? Even if your not an avid reader, several of these would be perfect left out on your coffee table. If for no other reason, as a conversation piece. If you decide to add ribbon to the tops, make sure the ribbon coordinates with the color of the binder.

I love these ideas for a child's bedroom. These ideas are using old children's books.

The banner is made using cardstock with the pages of the book. Simply glue the book page to the cardstock with a glue stick - smooth out the book page and allow to dry.

The letters are made by simply decoupaging on a book page to a letter that could be a wood one, or paper mache one. Decoupage the book page on with Mod Podge and also apply it over the book page to seal it.

Another wonderful piece of French Country decor. These coasters are easily made with Mod Podge again and plain ceramic coasters that you could buy at Hobby Lobby. Simply cut the book page to the size of the coasters and apply using Mod Podge both as glue, as well as a sealant on the top.

Wouldn't you love to have these in a decorative bowl - more specifically an antique one. These are simply gorgeous.

To make these little beauties, you'll need plastic eggs like the one's from Easter. The first step was to stick on a layer of plain paper by brushing on watered-down white glue onto the eggs. Make sure you tear the paper rather than cutting it as this gives the pieces softer edges which blend into each other better when pasted down.

As you can see, the strips of book pages are very small. This works much better when your trying to do this with small objects that are round. Just allow your eggs to dry after you've made all of them.

How beautiful is this idea for St. Patty's Day. Made simply by making four hearts that are made with using cardstock that's cut into the shape of a heart, the applying bits and pieces of a book page with white glue. The stem you can cut out of the cardstock and simply apply green glitter with the white glue. The "luck" word you can purchase from Hobby Lobby.

This is just gorgeous and not difficult to make.

Start with making your wreath form with a piece of foam core board.

Apply book pages to the back of your wreath form.

This step takes the longest. Start rolling your book pages into cones and hot glue closed.

Lay out the first row of cones - this lets you decide how big you want your wreath to be.

Once your outer row is layed out, you can hot glue them where they lay. Once the outer layer is done, start laying out the inner row, placing the cones strategically between the gaps in the cones from the outer ring. You shouldn't be able to see any of the cardboard base.

As you get closer to the center, begin flattening the ends that are glued to the wreath form.

I've seen so many pages like this. Initially I thought that they were just stamped on top of the book pages, but I was wrong. You need to find a silhouette image on your computer, then print it directly onto your book pages. I absolutely love this idea. You could do something with the same theme. For example, say you wanted to make a gallery wall in your bedroom - maybe you'd look for romance images.

Another wonderful idea. You would just need to carve out the inside of the book. Stack 3 old books on your dresser with the compartment one on the top. I always use odd numbers when decorating and they would be simply gorgeous on your dresser. You could place a lamp on them, or a plant, or decorative piece.

So we've made a piece of wall decor, now let's make a gorgeous French Country wreath. The one thing I would change in this photo, is using a bow made out of ribbon instead.

Start with a wire ring in the size you want.

You could make one with a wire hanger.

Cut each page in half lengthwise, crunch them up a little, then folding and stapling them at the bottom. Use a hole punch to make a hole to slip them over the ring.

Stagger the pages back and forth on the ring - then hot glue them in place.

Your going to need many - many pages to make a wreath this full. Feel free to make your wreath less full, but make sure all of the wire is covered.

By now, all of you should know about my love in creating decor for the winter. Not only do I love making every single project on this planet, but I also love how these creations warm my home for the season. These are being added to this collection because 1) there easy to make and 2) I could use a few more pieces of decor for my home and I love the idea of using books to do this. They don't even need to be old, I love the black and white print for something different.

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