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Day 1 of The Best Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

November 1, 2019

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The Best Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Each day is a beautiful day when we're focused on the tasks ahead!

I love this post because it's filled with beautiful Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments.

I just love these ornaments because there made with materials from the Dollar Tree.

Here are the supplies that we'll need to make these little beauties:

  • Dollar Tree foam Board
  • Dollar Tree Red Buffalo Check Ribbon
  • Dollar Tree jute string 
  • Hobby Lobby wooden beads 
  • Dollar Tree glue stick
  • Hobby Lobby hot glue
  • Hobby Lobby sanding block

Before you begin, decide if you'd like to change the color of the beads. You could paint them whatever color you'd like - cream, red, black are wonderful colors for Farmhouse style. Or you could stain them in a dark brown color.

Step 1. I began stringing the beads with the jute string (one trick you can do is use a piece of clear tape at the end to make it easier to string through the beads.

I strung 28 of the smallest beads from the container to get the desired size.

I tied the end really tight with a double knot and I left enough string so I can use it to hang the ornaments on the tree.

Step 2. Next, it was time for the circle insert. Simply use a dish to make your circle and then cut it out.

Step 3. Next up, you will need to print out Christmas words from your printer (however you can use kid’s names or even photographs). Just use whatever font you'd like.

Step 4. Next, all you need to adhere the paper onto the foam disk is a glue stick.

Step 5. Place the paper with your letters or saying on it and use a sanding block to smooth out any edges on the perimeter if you prefer.

Step 6. Then you will add some hot glue all around the edge.

Step 7. Slide the beads over the disk. Make sure to keep the ends of the jute string to the top center so that your words won’t be crooked when you hang the ornament.

Step 8. Finally, add a cute bow to the top of the ornament where the jute knot is located. This red buffalo check ribbon is from Dollar Tree.

And your done! How easy was this?

Now we'll make some Embroidery Hoop Ornaments!

Materials we'll need:

  • Dollar Tree 3" or 4" embroidery hoops
  • Hobby Lobby red and black plaid fabric 
  • Hobby Lobby hot glue gun and glue
  • Dollar Tree bendable faux greenery and faux red berries
  • Dollar Tree ribbon or yarn for hanging on tree
  • Hobby Lobby white acrylic paint

Step 1. Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the embroidery hoop and iron.

Instead of doing this with heat transfers, we're going to paint on our designs. I've made these 8 1/2" x 11" stencils for you to use.

Step 2. Just print out the stencils you'd like to use and cut out.

Step 3. Place your fabric under the embroidery hoop, center your wording inside and using a couple pieces of scotch tape - tape to fabric.

Step 4. Pour some of your white acrylic paint onto a disposable lid. Using your brush, color in the stencils on your fabric. Allow to dry.

Step 5. Open the embroidery hoop and place the fabric inside of it, centered. Secure the hoop back together.

Step 6. Turn the ornament over and hot glue the remaining fabric to the back of the embroidery hoop.

Step 7. Hot glue greenery and faux berries to the top of the hoop. Also, add a loop of yarn or ribbon to the top of the back side of the ornament to hang it on the tree.

So what do you think - another beautiful ornament to dress your tree this year!

Now it's time for a few Wood Ornaments...

Materials we'll need:

  • Hobby Lobby round and rectangular wood pieces or ornaments
  • Hobby Lobby white and black acrylic paints
  • Hobby Lobby red twine
  • Hobby Lobby sanding block

Step 1. Paint your wood pieces with your white acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Step 2. Now sand the edges of your pieces a bit to give them a sense of age.

Step 3. Cut out your images like shown. Then scribble the backs of them with a pencil to create a carbon paper.

Step 4. Lay the image over your wood pieces and trace each one.

Step 5. Now color in your images with black acrylic paint.

Your done! Can you believe how easy this was? I can't! And yet there so beautiful with little effort.

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