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Decorating with Muted Fall Colors

November 5, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Thank you for being here today my friends!

I love using muted colors for fall and these decorating ideas show you how easy it is to incorporate them into your home.


This is where you have your first cup of coffee in the morning. Where you sit to plan your day.

In a lot of families, this is where you have dinner in the evenings. There's lot's of hustle and bustle as your getting dinner ready and everyone else is doing there own things. But when dinners ready, it's time to gather.

And all of this should happen in a kitchen that is warm and welcoming.

How about staring at this as your drinking your coffee? It's enough to make you want to drift off.

And what about this sitting on your kitchen table? This would make me want to crawl back in bed.

How perfect is this? Just a simple jug with fresh leaves and a few tossed in muted shade pumpkins.

Handmade pumpkins painted a barely blue.

In your living room

And how gorgeous is this pillow. I'd like a few of these on my bed, as well as on my sofa as long as their down-filled.

And just a simple nod to the fall with a candle and a bushel of fresh greenery on a side table.

A perfect way of using orange in your living room. This throw blanket is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for bring in warm colors such as in woods, french branches with leaves, or maybe a few branches just standing in a vase.

I always love dressing up our sidebar for the seasons and one of our favorite antique silver dishes worked perfectly with my fall color scheme.

In your bedroom

Autumn has arrived, with cool weather, changing leaves, and cloudy skies that make it perfect for snuggling up indoors. Decorating any part of your home for fall is all about creating a space that's comfortable, welcoming, and warm, and that's especially true of bedrooms. Whether you're readying a guest room or updating your master suite, you can give your bedroom the autumn refresh it deserves.

I just love how they've used green as the predominant color here. It's fresh and the velvet pillows make it so comforting

Nothing helps to create a soft, welcoming environment like plush accent and throw pillows. Whether you place them on your bed, in an armchair, or around the floor, throw pillows incorporate style and comfort into your space. Pillows that feature earthy colors and plush textures will complement your autumn decor and give your space that warm and snuggly feeling.

Hang Garland

Fall garland bring all the charm of the autumn season indoors, often incorporating traditional fall staples like pine cones. Garland make beautiful statement pieces when hung on a bedroom wall. You can even arrange a few of them artfully over your headboard for some added autumn flavor.

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