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Decorating with Muted Fall Colors DIY

November 6, 2019

· Tutorials,Home and Garden

Welcome back again my Friends. Today I'm going to share how you can create some of these gorgeous rooms and vignettes that we saw yesterday.

With this gorgeous tiered tray, we discussed how to make one of these wood trays in a previous post so we'll start there. The blue and white Chinoiserie can be difficult to find, so if you'd like - you can make a few pieces using my WATER DECAL transfer technique. I've included three different Chinoiserie designs here that you can simply print onto your water decal paper. Each sheet measures 11" x 8 1/2". So size depending on the size of your container.

If you forgot about Making Autumn Mugs, then go back to my home page and go to Creative Ideas and Inspiration - Create and Craft - Making Autumn Mugs

These brown bottles and old book are typically found at a thrift store.

Here's a link where you can purchase a set of 6 for only $12.00

This small vignette is very simple to put together...

As for the brown bottles, you can use the link above to purchase.

What do you think? Pretty much everything we need to recreate this gorgeous little vignette.

White metal and wood tray from Hobby Lobby $14.99

Beautiful wood dough bowl from Hobby Lobby $14.99

Dollar Tree Pumpkins - if you'd like cut out the stem and replacing with a piece of branch.

Do you remember when we made pillows like this with transfers? If not, then visit to learn how to make these. Remember, you can use any image that you'd like.

To create a bedroom as sumptuous as this, it's all about the bedding and picking one color that you'd like for fall.

Here's some bedding that I recently purchase and their both scrumptious. The comforter is super warm and lightweight. The duvet cover is a dream with it's color and feel.

Now take out your favorite container and plant a fresh plant in in to bring in a sense of tranquility.

If orange is your color, let's see how we can add it to your home this year.

Add paragraph text here.

Remember how I said how much I loved the use of the natural wood candle holders and natural garland over the bed.

I found this wood candle holder at Hobby Lobby for only $5.99 for you to refinish how you'd like.

And what about this natural garland with pine cones and burlap?

So now I hope you can find a bit of time to make some of these beautiful vignettes and adding a bit of fall to your rooms that you'll surely remember for years to come.

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